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Free Wifi has swung it for me :)

Free Wifi has swung it for me :)

Haven't written on here much lately, been rather under the weather with tight tubes supported by the wheezie squeaks from the sound department.and all physical movement provided by the Itchy and Scratchy Department.

Getting prepared to start my new OU module towards my degree next week, Adult Health and Social Care, which means actually locating the dining table under several months worth of filing and god knows what other junk, like blue inhalers which seem to be breeding at the moment, even bathed one in the washing machine earlier :O Paperback books, magazines, doggy stuff and other bits and bobs. Promised myself a few months ago when I bought new filing boxes/holders I would be tidy, my table looked great not a scrap a paper in sight, well that hasn't lasted. Have sorted out loads of filing in the past 24 hours and now have a stack of shredding to do :( My husband says that between the dining table and my side of the bed I am worse than a teenager, I just say like what it says on a favourite mug, "A tidy space is for people who are too lazy to look for anything," lol. Nice to be pottering about again, even went for my first walk in about 9 days with Lottie Dog, not far just about the neighbourhood with husband just in case I wasn't well.

Coughing has been so bad that I even made our dear little hedgehog friend jump the other evening when I went out into the garden to say hello, (yes among other things I have conversations with hedgehogs), Lottie walked past it and it didn't even budge :O Thankfully not sounding so much like a seal at the moment back on top whack of smarties, well not the nice little mixed coloured variety just the boring Prednisolone, hopefully will start cutting down to maintance dose tomorrow if all goes well.

Had a lot on my mind the last couple of days, visited Royal Brompton last Wednesday, awful trip down on the train, there and back due to the chaos of flooding and having to go a different and much more expensive route. After waiting a couple of hours to see doc, convinced myself that I just didn't want these long trips to London anymore, told doc this and some how found myself being talked into considering admission for Aminophylline IV trial. Have done everything else to no avail. The thought of being away from home without Lottie Dog and husband, yes husband knows he comes second filled me with horror. Told doc likely to be total bitch and control freak, who said I do surprise him, yeh right :P and so have been given time to think about it. Well thanks to thrashing my worries out with Stitch and another dear friend who informed me life on the wards of RBH these days (been 5 years since my last admission there), have decided that I will give it a shot, nothing to lose after all. So what swung it? Well it wasn't the thrill of hospital beds that was for sure, it was the free Wi Fi, I won't be cut off from my buddies, the thought of isolation is unbearable.

So now just sorting out in my own mind all my needs, comfy clothes (sorted), OU Studies (sorted), new mobile phone (sorted), kennelling arrangements for Lottie Dog (sorted), husband (sorted he can look after himself), travel arrangements (not sorted but easily done), music (sorted, just need to add some more material to Ipod), reading material (not sorted). The last one is something I am hoping maybe some of you can advise on. Considering a kindle, love books but I read books when at home about 3 a week, going to have more time on my hands in hospital so think Kindle will be a better idea, less weight to carry. So for any of you who use an e reader of any kind would love your advice and direction please.

Hugs and thanks Daxie Mad xxxxx

PS Photo of heggie pig who jumped!

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I have just spent 3 weeks in hospital the internet and TV kept me sane plus visits from Graham Leanne and my mam. Wishing you good luck sending best wishes Val :) x

Wow! Such a lot going on for you. I have a kindle and love it. Works in bright sunshine but not in the dark. Many books are free if they are out of copyright. Amazon do daily deals with books at 99p. Other books are more. I would definately recommend one and I was a person who was not keen as I like the feel of a real book.

Lynne x

Kindle is great but if you are a prolific reader (as I am) battery life may be a problem. Good luck with the trials.

I get about three weeks out of a full charge on my kindle, best thing since sliced bread I recon, I think I have got the investment back in little over a year with the savings you make buying the cheap or free books from amazon.

I am also a BIG fan of Kindle. Had mine for almost 2 years now and wouldn't be without it. Would suggest you get the 3G one so can download anywhere. The other one can be annoying if you want to download and Wifi playing up. Also I got a cover with a light which is invaluable - no I don't often read in the dark -lol- but in the winter if just using dim wall lights can be useful.

Also I too am studying with the OU - my (hopefully) final module starts Feb 2013 after which I will have my degree in Health and Social Care. At least this module has no exam at the end - although OU very good at helping students with a disability to sit exams. Will miss (I think) studying but will have at least 1 year off (reading more on my Kindle!) before thinking what else I can do now I am only able to work part time.

Enjoy your course and if you are doing the one I think you are; if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask - because I have done this course myself.


Yes a kindle is a great idea, i have donated all my books and have cut down on dust mites , dust balls, tossed my rugs, fake plants, heavy drapes and replaced with live plants, air purifyer and can finally breath so much better in my house. With being away from it all during your stay at the hospital you will see a great difference when you get home. Maureen

Good luck Daxie and hope the Wi-Fi keeps you going. Not a Kindle fan personally but must be better for hospital stay than carrying heavy books. Hope the train journey is not too bad. Have an appointment for Pete at RBH on 7th November if he is well enough to travel. Hate the journey but only go once a year now. Take care and good luck to you. xxxx

All good wishes to you Daxie, lucky you getting a free wii fit. Catch up when you can.

Zoee x

Daxie - good on you to go for the trials. As you say what have you got to loose?? Hopefully infections!

As to your idea of a Kindle - great idea. My boys bought me mine for christmas last year and its great and i see they are now being sold for £69 for the basic one tht I have. I downloaded 23 books last night all of which were free. Have also got a lot of the "classics" with the full intent to read them at some point. Great in bed, they weigh very little and every now and again I read a proper book - just to re-connect you understand! I tend to keep the wifi off unless I am downloading as the battery lasts that bit longer.

Most of what I download is for pure escapism so not heavy reading. As you are going to be in hospital and knowing what the overhead lights are like at night if you can get the cover with the light attached and you are ready rumble.

Good luck with it all and look forward to hearing how you get on


Thought it was "Free Willy" lost what an Orca had swung, off for an eye test now

Hope all goes well for you in hospital. Kindle are great like you I am a big reader and never thought I would like a kindle being used to books but the children bought one for my birthday last year it is brilliant I have taken it abroad and for travelling and in hospital it is so much easier then bulky books you can also download newspapers magazines etc. When in bed it does not get heavy like some books do. You can alter the size of the font to suit yourself too. If you get one get the cover and light off ebay a third of the price and just as good. Take care Happy reading:)

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