Radiation Levels

Have been told by Resp Clinic Nurse that I could not have a Scan until my Radiation levels had gone down due to the X-rays I had recently had.

(then 12+ weeks previously)

Since then Have been to the Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation Unit who have told me (after tests) that I have *Brain damage and need to go for a Brain Scan

*From an HGV accident I had many, man years ago.

Told them what was said to me about my Radiation levels at the R/Clinic, when they had all finished laughing....................................................................

One of the Consultants promised to contact them.

Only had three (I think) XRays taken in the last 18 months (at the same time) and that was (now) over 6 months ago.

What are/and how do they measure XRay Radiation levels?


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Wasn't that something to do with kids eating Ready Brek ?

A standard chest x-ray exposes you to a similar level of radiation as you would get from simply living for around 10 days, whereas the radiation levels from a CT scan are measured in years.

There's more on the topic at nhs.uk/Conditions/X-ray/Pag...

Reminds me of the time my GP nurse was taking a reading with a finger pulse oxymeter. The oxygen reading was fluctuating, reading 94, 88, 95, 85, 94, 87, 94. She said this happened sometimes because of "interference". She explained it was to do with radio waves and people using mobile telephones in the area. I knew it was because she kept asking me to do things (change seats, get my new mobile out of the handbag at my feet to read her the number, pass her some papers from the other side of me). I had to smile :-)

Oh dear, where do they get these people from? and they have our lives in their hands.

Good job we can come on here and find out the truth about things. :)

Good luck


Blimey, I had about 8 chest x rays ina week while I was in for my op!

So THAT is why you wear sun glasses Perce! You must be glowing so brightly ;-)

Light bulbs don't spring into life when I hold them and I'm not glowing in the dark (yet). Someone has been telling Porkies and been found out!


when i was a asbestos remover supervisor, we had to have a medical every 2 years, which included a x-ray,due to the risk being greater than the value they where removed from the medical, fibres don't show up on x-ray's

Have had same, the appearance of 'Plural Plaques' is the first detectable sign.


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