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Why oh why did I have the extra glass

I enjoy a glass or two of wine but for some reason last night I had and extra one, felt fine when I went to bed.

Woke in the night feeling a but yuk and then this morning, head pounding and feeling a bit wobbly :(

Managed some toast and am o.k. if I stay sitting down but have got lots to do today.

Has anyone got a good hangover cure please?


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OhPolly go back to bed ha ha :) x


Hi Val, wish I could, got second load of washing in I am trying to work through it, lots of sitting down inbetween.

Just dropped grandsons crayons all over the floor so that did my head a lot of good (not).

My mom would say " self inflicted, just get on with it I have no sympathy".

Still quoting my mom and I am 66. ha ha

I will be better by tea time.

Hope you are feeling better today.



Being lazy not doing very much at all :) ha ha x


> Has anyone got a good hangover cure please?

It's a long while since I had a hangover and I do remember what cured it, but can't put the details on here... :-D

It did involve going back to bed, and the wife... :-P


You naughty boy Gordon. I am suprised you didn't have a hangover more often. :)



It's a well known cure... ;-) - number 10. There are a few other suggestions as to what can be cured too, weight loss, stress, hormonal and pain amongst them.

Only too happy to confirm this from personal experience.


another drink!!!!


Been there done that Ha Ha just time and a lie down on your own Ha Ha :):)


Oh dear Polly - sorry about your hangover.....I have never had one, and I never lie too ha ha

x x. A hangover is 'orrible but not as bad as drinking while smoking whacky baccy! Thats a killer!!

I'm sure you will feel better soon. :)

Bev xx


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