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Access to a sleep clinic (not available in this area)

I have not had one good night's in over 4 years following a stroke in 2008.

Last year I had a bad lung infection while living at 8500 feet and had to move back to sea level because it became difficult to breathe and live at altitude.

Since March I have seen my GP and nurse about 8 times all the while asking for access to a sleep clinic to find out why I feel absolutely awful EVERY morning. I feel as if I have been hit over the head with a baseball bat.

Other symptoms include dry eye sockets and mouth, and aching jaw. I feel giddy, confused, head ache, nauseous.

It takes hours for me to "come round". If I had to go to work at the normal 9am I would have to get up about 4 or 5am.

I usually feel better 18 hours after getting out of bed.

I have had all the normal blood and urine tests, heart and lung tests. I have even seen a psychologist half a dozen times.

Finally I was referred to a sleep clinic over 4 weeks ago, which was why I went to the GP in the first place.

Now I am being told that "there is no longer such a facility in this area" due to lack of funding. It was stopped about 6 months ago.

This is the short version.

I think I have not been taken seriously and have no idea what I can do now.

Sleep deprivation affects everything I do. Life is awful. I am permanently tired and becoming depressed.

I live alone and have no idea what happens while I am "asleep".

I have no idea what to do now.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Thank you


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Hi there...I am under the Royal Brompton and Harefield sleep a respitaory clinic and they are very good so far.

I know it is in london but you can still be referred there if you think you can travel o.k. I live near Heathrow Airport so not so far from you.

I contacted them via email first to see if they would see me and they advised me to get my G.P to refer me....I copied the email and gave it to my G.P and it helped to make the referral go easier....I have a sleep study planned of October and also full pulminary lung tests.

It is worth a try...good luck if you do



Many thanks for the info Andrea

I feel I ahve been given the "run around" by my GP's surgery.

Please report back how your visit goes.


No problem..I will let you know how I get on.

There is also another sleep clinic at St Thomas's Hospital near the London Eye in London

The other thing I forgot to mention was that I borrowed a Wrist Oxymeter which records your oxygen levels and pulse througout the day and night.

I then had to save up for one as it was 80 odd pounds, but it worked wonders to show Doctors that my oxygen levels were reduced both in the day and at night.

Here is a link to the one I have:-

It links up to the computer so you can print out reports of what is going on whilst active during the day and also in your sleep.

Hope this is helpful and you find a solution soon



Many thanks again Andrea.

I have one of those Andrea - it looks identical (records) - Contex Pulse Oxymeter.

Only problem is that they are very sensitive and if one is thrashing about while asleep the readings are not too clever.

I bought mine on eBay new for about £20 - so someone is ripping off people - again.


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