COPD Numbers card

Just back from A&E had a bad coughing fit and passed out, my wife had trouble rousing me and called a amulance.

I have been sufferring a chest infection all week, am on Amoxicillin & prednisilone,

As a had a good ECG trace and a quick recovery and seemed to know what I was doing with my meds and have my own nebuliser he sent me home.

But he did ask what my COPD numbers were and did I have a numbers card.

I have had asthma 24+ years and COPD 7+ years, although I am at asthma/chest clinic 20+ years, I have never heard of this.

Is this something new?

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ever heard of this before tuckBox2.Maybe someone else will know more

never i meant to write

Asthma/COPD is a lottery...? News to me too.

I have never heard of that either.

Maybe BLF would know??

Bev x

Hi there, i think he may mean the arterial blood gas numbers. Although, that is something that is tested. Take care, Richard

Perhaps he meant your FEV1 numbers?Glad you are home asnd getting better! ,Carol x

Not a clue, glad your o.k. though.


This is new to me although I think numbers are used in America. Maybe he is American. laughs. I would have given him FEV1. Don't worry about the passing out bit although normally you come around quickly. It is called cough syncope. I have had that a few times, mainly in the night, sitting on the side of the bed coughing my heart up. Twice I smashed my head on something as I passed out. Once bashing my head on the bedroom cabinet on the way down. Be aware if you have a bad coughing fit and make sure you are in a safe position so that if you do pass out you will come to no harm. And most of all pull in if you are driving. I use ventolin when I feel a bad cough coming on. That widens the tubes and if there is phlegm causing it that will shift then. Take care:-)

Hi Derrylynne,

This 1st happened to me 18 months ago, when they took me to hospital they kept me in for 3 days. I have read up on cough syncope as they said it was likely to have been this. The Dr at A&E was Swedish so it may have been something from there. I am at the asthma clinic next month so I will ask the Dr's there.

Thanks to all for your replies.

he probably is a bingo caller at weekend. ie copd 23 ,lol

Thanks David, made my wife laugh too.

never heard of this either tuckbox, but will be sure to ask at next hospital appointment...derrylynne thanks for your reply to this post as i have been same but rarely manage to reach sitting position

Hi , i am the same as you copd sufferer but what the doctor asked you for i have never heard of.

hope you are feeling better take care and best wishes


Patient Record Card - allows patients and health care professionals to record medical and other essential information. It also includes a peel-off oxygen alert card, so when a patient has an exacerbation (lung attack or flare up), doctors or ambulance teams don’t give too much or too little oxygen.

It would be nice if us sufferers could buy one individually. I think the Management Pack would be very handy.

found this on copd site about numbers, hope it helps

have been attending chest clinic for nearly thiry years and never heard of this!

are you sure it wasnt you telephone number he wanted, hhhhmmmm

so sorry to hear you have had a bad time never heard of numbers get well soon

Never heard this before, I am attending broncheictises clinc fifteen years now.


Hi All,

Was back at the GP yesterday, I was quite breathless when I got in to see her, it took me 20mins rather than the usual 10 to get there. she has signed me off the rest of this week, she had not heard of a number card either.

My sats 94, peak flow 430 chest sounded clear although I was coughing when I was with her. Couldn't get my flu jab as I had just finished anti-biotics and steroids, so will have to go back later this week

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