IPF meeting a great success

IPF meeting a great success

Thank you to everyone who attended the BLF's recent meeting on IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) in Leeds on 26 September. 82 people registered for the event and 62 peope attended which, considering the weather and flooding in the region, was a remarkable attendance. Delegates (people with IPF, their family and friends, and health professionals) listened to presentations by Dr Gisli Jenkins (Nottingham), Dr Paul Beirne (Leeds), Caroline Stevens (BLF Chief Operating Officer) and Mark Pilling (BLF Helpline Manager) who gave excellent information on the condition and management. Copies of their presentations can be found on the BLF website - blf.org.uk/News/Detail/IPF-...

For more information on IPF or to speak to a respiratory specialist nurse, benefits advisor or counsellor contact the BLF Helpline 03000 030 555.

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  • I have looked at the presentations and found them very interesting. Unfortunately I was not able to attend as I was at the Harefield for a lung transplant assessment. Do you think this is likely to be repeated in the South?

  • I am so gutted that I couldn't go. Between work, costs of getting and staying there and being a single mum it just didn't work out for me so would love it if one was nearer like you Gilliam.

    I will look at the presentations tomorrow.

  • Fantastic event, well done BLF North !

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