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Hello everybody, I had some info that I read on this blog - It was about heating allowances and who to contact - but it seems to have disappeared from my 'puter! Can anyone help me to find it again or perhaps re-write the blog. (cough, cough) Poor ol' British Gas don't know what I am talking about!!


P.S. Great blog and very informative. Cheers

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Was it this one?

If not give the BLF helpline a call and they willpoint you in the right direction


Yes that's the one - I really appreciate your help, many thanks


or did you mean this one, the Warm Home Discount Scheme ?



This might also provide useful information for you


Flippin' eck, I didn't know there would be so much info!

Thank you all so much.

I have just spoken to someone else, armed with all the information you have sent to me and they have put the wheels in motion.

I am so grateful to you all for your help.

Thanks again


Hello Rocky

Is this the information you was looking for my colleague Jo posted:

I just wanted to bring to everyones attention the Warm Home Discount Scheme (WHDS)

The WHDS came into being last winter and paid an electricity rebate to eligible customers on their winter fuel bill.

Eligible customers - Core Group - people who are receiving Pension Credit.

There is also a Broader Group - Decided by electricity suppliers following government guidance - people on low incomes and people with illnesses and disabilities.

If you are receiving Pension Credit you should get this rebate automatically (providing your supplier is involved in the scheme)

People who think they may be entitled need to contact their electricity supplier.

A list of participating suppliers are listed below:


British Gas

EDF Energy




M&S Energy


Sainsbury's Energy

Scottish Gas

Scottish Hydro


Southern Electric



Utility Warehouse

This rebate will be worth £130 this winter and it is well worth contacting your supplier to see if you are eligible.

I hope this is helpful

Best Wishes



The Co-op also do this, I switched over to them because Which Magazine said they would be cheaper for my gas and elctricity


Brilliant thanks - that list can be really useful.


I spoke to npower when this was first mentioned. I don't qualify. I wasn't happy about that so wrote a letter to them to explain my circumstances and ask them to reconsider.

It came back with a 'gone away' label on.

I've now got a different address for the customer services people and have sent it back to them, wonder if it will be 'return to sender' again ?

One of the things they did when I talked to them on the phone was to arrange a survey of our home, to see about cavity wall insulation and/or loft insulation. The guy came on Friday this week, straight away said no to cavity wall as the house is old and 'solid'. I took him upstairs so he could pop his head through the hatch to see the loft insulation we have. He came back saying they couldn't do anything as the 'hatch' is too small. It has to be at least 400x400 and ours is tiny - I know I can't get through it any more. So that's going nowhere either.


Hi Gordon, they told me almost the same thing but I found out that we already have cavity wall insulation.But they did say you can only claim if you are receiving certain benefits and that you have to be over 60 or have certain health issues. They said they will take a look at my details and would need to contact the Pensions Office and would let me know.

If I wasn't for you, and people like you on this blog I would never have known about this allowance and I am so grateful for all the replies I have received. Thanks once again for everyones help.

I hope you are well Gordon, I know from the blog you have had a few issues, I hope you are feeling better.



Looks like the npower website is down this weekend, I can't load the pages at all.

It did say something on there about helping vulnerable people and those most in need, as well as the usual over 60's and in receipt of certain benefits clauses. I've written to them on those grounds.


Hi Rocky21

How are things going? Did you manage to get any information from British Gas? They are one of the suppliers in the scheme and they all should have been trained in this new grant.

Please let us know how you get on or if you have any problems.

Best Wishes



Hi Jo, it looks like I eventually got to talk to the right person and they took all my details.

It didn't look as if there would be any probs. but you never can tell. I am so pleased and so grateful to everyone on this blog who contacted me offering to help, I doubt if I would have got very far without it,

Keep warm.



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