b****y buses

been up to town pushing richard, got the food for the weekend, 3 bags and with him, the oxygen and the 3 bags it was a tad heavy to say the least.got to the bus stop and the bus was higher than it usually is so had to walk further up the hill, as I got there it shut its doors and went down the hill to the stop, first grrr. went back down and struggled to get the "pram" up the step onto the bus, to notice there were already 2 babies prams on, so off we got, he could have said, before I struggled. second grrrrr. waited for the next bus, have I mentioned it was p*****g down, next bus came in, sat with doors closed till new driver appeared. swapped drivers, new driver opened door but didnt lower the platform, so it was hard work getting on. by this time I was wet through outside, sweating wet through inside, head buzzing and feeling dizzy, third grrr. Now am home but have to nip to asda for the rest of the shopping, Beer and milk and juices, so richard will have to stay home alone. then I might just have a large glass of taboowith my tea. ok, vent over, hope yall have a nice day. xx

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  • oh bless you how awful, I do not understand though if 2 prams are on can you not go on?

    feet up cup of tea and rest

    Take care


  • Hi amagram remember when Fridays even when shopping were exciting and the start of the weekend, not to worry, I had 3 bags this morning and a crabbit bus driver who got repaid by not being thanked when I got off the bus. Was out of breath at the fishmongers, last shop, and couldn't even pretend to be cheerful back to him. The glass of taboo sounds good - I am tempted. Have a good weekend both xx

  • Sounds like you might need more than one glass!

  • I think you're being really controlled,i'd be effing the buses and their drivers long before getting home. :-)

  • I'd ring the company and complain, it's a bad attitude and it just ain't right.

  • More often or not im left standing at the roadside with my walker (even tho it folds up) with my elderly husband who is disabled because of the two push chair rule. Local bus company has taken it one step further and has implemented a 3 shopping trolley rule. I've been so tired and breathless that I've stood and cried.

  • OMG Amagran! How calm of you not to say anything to the bus driver. You should have a platform lowered whenever possible so that is disgusting. It sounds like quite a day you had! Pete used to be a bus driver and he was always as helpful as he could be and the passengers got on well with him. I just cannot understand this attitude today. Hope the taboo went down well. I had a couple of glasses of Prosecco last night as had daughter and grandson round. Lovely! Have a better weekend and enjoy any sunshine you may be lucky enough to get. xxxx

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