Out of hospital Again :-)

Was rushed in again last Wednesday with Respiratory failure, Spent a few days in now stable yay and home!

Getting very fed up of being ill all of the time, Had tons of tests scans etc and also have chronic asthma as well as the copd and possible bronchiectisis something wrong with my stomache now all the meds pills etc have affected my liver/kidneys arrghhh

but still happy am home :-)

hope you are All well....!!


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  • Glad you are on the mend, look after yourself :) x

  • Hope you start to feel much better now you are home. TAD xx

  • Aww and you to lovey.

    Haven't you also been in ??


  • Hope you continue to feel better now you are home. TAD xx

  • Aww I hope you are doing far better than the last time we spoke angel..

    You keep smiling sending big hugs your way xxxx

  • It is hard when you get low.. The course will boost you lots :-)

    I am going to get my machine out and start sewing do some projects been meaning to do when have got all the fabric etc :-) xxx

  • Hi Ali,

    Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it all.

    It's good news that you're back home again, on the mend and hopefully feeling better.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Auntymary xxx

  • Thanks aunty.. You take care also lovey and have a fab weekend xxxxxx

  • Am brill today, Thanks Everyone

    Well the water infection seems to be clearing, bit sore from the liver/kidney inflammation but am ok

    Waiting for a friend to come for a coffee, who's working locally so need to go tidy up :-)

    Tomorrow we are off for a wander around castleton clear the cobwebs get some fresh air... Will be fine providing I take my time...

    love Derbyshire - so feeling pretty good today..

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...

    hugs x

  • Glad you are feeling better Ali, take it easy tomorrow but enjoy yourself.

    Happy weekend.

  • Take it easy, it is just so nice to come home after a spell in hospital.

  • Aww yup it is brill thanks guys

    All Be Well xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Not long in from work, just hope you are feeling better, infact wishing all on the site all the best wishes and have a lovely weekend.

    And for all who have had a rought time, keep positive cause you will get better.

    David 1968

  • Hope you have a nice weekend too Dave 1968. Enjoy the rest from work. Take care :)

  • Sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time have a good weekend and enjoy being home. Take carex

  • Glad to hear you are home and on the mend! stay away from germs and focus on all the good things in life and yourself :) ,take care,Carol xxx

  • Glad you are home look after yourself and get better soon.

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