still dont feel good

Got a big weekend planned and feel so worn out and lungs etc feel puffed and waiting see.cardiology with suspected conjestive heartfailure with my asthma.

Its my silver wedding and hubby planned a 3 day visit to London in a hotel and see a show and down the Thems and shopping and going to see Big Ben and all other loveky buildings etc and wants try get me on the Lobdon eye but will shitting myself as scared of hights.My hubby done everything make it special.

just scared how my lungs will be with the traffic and underground and where im going get the energy keep up as dont think he realises how it feels just wanting breath ok and how tireing it makes you feel. Really hope it goes well and not end in hospital as going Manchester and Burmingham for a day ended in walk in centre on nebs and oxygen.

will take all my meds and box of steroids but bit scared as just wont have a amazing time and feel ok xxx

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  • sounds like a good weekend planned, One step at a time, the underground the trains are so often do not rush. have your inhaler handy and a scarf over your mouth. I am scared of heights also but want to do the london eye and I have been told that its so smooth you barely aware your high up.

    So its a three day visit time to slow down and take in the sights not too much rushing

    have fun when you go in for a show take a cold drink in to keep you calm and enjoy


  • hiya hun,

    the more you feel anxious and apprehensive the more you will panic and your breathing could get erratic, so try and calm down and put things in perspective. Hubby has planned a fab trip for you both and I am sure the last thing he wants is you being ill because he has planned too much to do. You need to tell him. This is a common problem for people with lung conditions. Most of the time you look perfectly fine............until you start moving about and its very deceiving so others may not fully understand exactly how bad you are feeling.

    You can only plan daily as they say according to how you are feeling so one step at a time. Your first step is to make it to London. I would suggest you rest then because if you overdo it the first day it could wipe you out for the whole duration and you wont want that. Better rest and be ready to go out on day 2. And limit what you do to the things that are priority for you. London isn't going anywhere so you can always go back and do more.

    I am sure it will be a big success if you and hubby are realistic xx

  • We took the children to London In April this year and I was really worried that my husband wouldn't be able to do it but he did! We just went very slowly especially when it came to getting the train! We did a show too and that was great fun - and there were lots of taxis to get us back to the hotel at night. My advise would be to take it at your pace and have lots of rests. Don't overdo it it will make it difficult to enjoy the second day if you are exhausted from the first. We did lots of sitting and lots of cups of tea - funny though the children were just as tired - it must be the London air. I hope you have a fab time - we did. Just do it at your pace. TAD xx

  • I do hope you enjoy it, if we lived in a bubble trying to protect ourselves from picking up germs infections we would end up doing nothing. Take your time I am sure it will be a weekend to remember. Enjoy Val x

  • Why not show your husband your question and the answers from people on here. Perhaps he will understand a little more.

    Hope all goes well.


  • Hi,

    Just take it all at your own pace - no rushing about, & hopefully you'll have a great time !

    Take care & enjoy yourself.

    Dave xxx

  • Good luck for your weekend. Take all your Mede with you and stay calm. I go to Spain every year for a month. They have the oxygen concentrator and a mobile one in my house waiting for me. I use an electric scooter when I go om holdidayThey are very cheap to hire. It makes the holiday more enjoyable.

  • Hello

    Hope you enjoy your time away, please feel free to call me here at the helpline if you would like a chat about your concerns - I am not medically trained but I can discuss your fears and worries and we can come up with some strategies to keep the anxiety in check (call in confidence) tel: 03000 030 555.

    Take care


  • Try not to worry think about how nice it will be take one step at a time you will love the london eye you really dont notice it moving up until you are there at the top the views are fabulous.

    Have a great time.

  • Thank you all so much xxxx

    Packed my case and went town get a fancy scalf thing you

    put round your neck to glam up not a winter one so can put round mouth etc when on underground etc. meds all packed.

    first time left youngest son hes 17 and girlfriend moving in while we are away.

    My eldest son and girlfriend going pop down keep eye on him also. Im going be a granny in march also. (son going have a party with mates down and his cousin but they all nice friends) Hope my cat and dog injoy the party haha.

    Looking forward to it now and weather looks ok on forcast xxxxx

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