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work...... and more interesting stuff!

well last night was my first teaching session since becoming ill earlier this year. I was very nervous (I always am on a first night!) My two big boys came with me to help me set was scout night and the school is near the scout hut...they have volunteered to do this every week which is very helpful...good lads!!

the class went went...the induction session is heavy on the "talking" so I was getting a bit croaky by the end but I managed ok. My class seem very nice and enthusiastic and my boss was very pleased to have me!

this morning we had a very early trip to the Christie hospital in Manchester with mum, (who has secondary breast cancer in her lung fluid) they were happy with her progress and we dont go again 'til January....good news!!

its lovely to have hubby back...he's been in London for a few not really, he's been speaking at a VAT conference...and you thought your life was bad lol!!!!!

tommorow the two younger boys have a day off so we are off to a Macmilolan Coffee morning at our fav garden centre with mum, two wheelchairs we have charioteers....a good mooch beckons...might even start some Christmas shoppping while I'm feeling ok :-)

glad to see some good news on the "bloggershere" welcome home Val xxxxx

have a breatheasy day,

Mrs Sxxxxx

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Nice one, Mrs Shimmy - I'm so glad all went well for you :)

Enjoy your day out tomorrow and keep a fairly tight hold of the purse strings ........ temptation is a terrible thing ;) lol


Thank you, oh the thought of Christmas ! Ha ha but I love it :) x


Glad to hear it went well.

Lynne x


Enjoy your trip have a big piece of cake with your coffee you deserve it! :)


Glad it went well for you xxx


Hi Mrs S, glad everything went well with the classes, having a good bunch should make it alot more enjoyable and hopefully easier tc


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