The Sun shone today!

Hi actually seen the sun today for about 20minutes Ha Ha Even went out with no mack just a short coat and of course an umbrella. Went to Tai Chi this morning I would reccomend it. I have been doing it for just over 2yrs There are different forms I do Chen style 19 Form. The slow pace and breathing technique helps the COPD and the relaxation helps.It also helps balance. So if your up to it give it a go.

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  • Well done perusal :) and well done the weather !! Lol

    I hope today's sunshine for you is a sign of a bit better weather for the rest of us. It's rained and rained and rained here (Bradford-ish) ALL day ! :(

  • Hope the weather does improve for everyone we did have rain but not as bad as yesterday. I am Southport way on the north west coast. Keep smiling love your little faces.

  • They are easy to do, perusal

    If you want a smile you put a colon ( one of these : ) and then a close bracket like this ) together they make this :)

    If you would rather have a wink, then use a semi-colone ; and a close bracket and you get this ;)

    If you fancy being a cheeky s*d you can stick your tongue out by using a colon and a small p like this ;p

    lol ......... I think they're fun !

  • oooops ! the sticky out tongue one doesn't work on here :(

  • Thank you for showing me that :)

  • The tongue one does work - you use a colon a dash and a capital P, so it's : and - and P to make :-P

    There's also the sad face, which is colon dash and open bracket, : and - and ( to give :-(

    I've not found any others that work on here yet

  • Just trying it out.


    This is colon and capital D (if it works) :D

  • Think they are great will have to use them. ;) :-P :D


  • By George Iv'e got it :) :)


  • Well here's all I can get :)

  • Sorry looked as if it didn't work until submit - thanks folks

  • Always wanted to know how to do these faces.Thankyou

  • sucking pickled onions has a similar effect :-D

  • Lee style Tai Chi - Started last Monday love love it love

  • Glad you like Tai Chi I think it is brilliant I have been doing it just over 2yrs still perfecting it and loving it. I try to practise most days even if only for 30 minutes even though it is an hour in class. Enjoy it . :)

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