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think the visit went well

the chap that came to visit from d.w.p was very nice. asked a lot of questions about daily living problems, hospital visits and medication. answered as best I could, had evidence of appointments, medication etc.explained I needed help with personal care, etc and that if I didnt pay for taxi's I would be more isolated that what I am at present, and that this disease has a tremendous physological effect and explained the effort to go shopping with friends is becomming too much, and this results in increased isolation.

I guess it was good for me to voice these problems, as I tended to be in denial of the severity of the desease.

anyway, we shall wait and see the forms now go to Preston and it could take up to eight weeks for the decision.he explained my right to appeal if not sucessful. it is the attendance allowance that is being applied for,... iam too old for the other one. anyway.glad its over, glad I had the "I'm fine" nonsense out of my way and I must say the feeling of really telling it how it is was very theraputic

once again thanking you fine folk for your guidance and support. I am now away to have a pile of chips to celebrate...x

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I'm glad it went well for you Nellie15 and will keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome :)


That's great Nellie, you did good I think, keeping fingers crossed you get the help you need.

mmmmm chips :)


thank you both.x


Lets hope they don't mess you about now and give you what you deserve by way of support Fingers crossed for you.

By opening up a little on here it has probably helped you get into the right frame of mind to have spoken to the chap, and be able to tell it like it is.

I've just had a letter from DWP about my own claim for DLA. As expected, turned down. Now on to the appeal stages. Crazy that they only give you a few weeks to lodge an appeal, yet the letter that has just come says that if I don't hear from them in 11 weeks, yes ELEVEN, to drop them a line !

And - can you put little less salt on the chips please, I keep trying to nick one over your shoulder... :-P


Keep all the information and letters from Dwp go to Dial or citizen advice for help I have been turned down twice now also get help from GP with a letter stating all your problems and mobility needs. You only got 1 month also ask dwp for all the information they hold about your case use the freedom of information act they have 40 days to send you all the data also ask for the computer printouts also emails sent from atos and medical reports from who assess you this is your legal right they will not charge you the cost of the post this information is so helpful in writing your submission for tribunal good luck


Hello Gordon, I was refused Attendance allowance 3 times so got AgeUK to come and fill the form in for me, they know how to answer the questions. I got the higher rate attendance allowance. Why don't you try them. Carole


Fingers and toes crossed for you nellie and enjoy your chipsx


Hope all goes well for you nellie15, good luck anyway. x


hope all goes well nellie, im at appeal stage, just had my first cab visit that in itself was like climbing a mountain to get there but at least some of the stress is shared!

fingers crossed for u xx


well done did he allso explaine that if you diidnt get it he would appeal for you on your behalf

so you should hear within three weeks bet of luck bo


hi buny, no he didnt offer that.told me to contact welfare rights.wonder why. on reflection he didnt ask me how far I could walk-did i use a stick. oh dear, perhaps he was too nice !

just have to stop worring,he also asked me if i had any reports from hospital consultants and had i ever been hospitalised.I didnt.also informed me that w.r.v.s run a pick up service that will take you to appointments and shopping

Oh hell think I was a bit premature with the chips!!!!