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my doctor thinks i may have copd, on inhalor and waiting to av bloods taken, and a breathing test, is this normal procedure?

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Yes - your doctor only THINKS you have COPD, he needs to do the tests to be sure.

Once the tests are done he can then put you on the right medication to help you.

Don't worry - once the tests are over and you have a definite diagnosis you will be able to sort yourself out - the only advice i can give you is if you smoke try your best to quit, i know everyone says that to smokers but you really will benefit from it.

take care and good luck


many thanks krazylady,

i have been quite worried, especialy when breathing difficult more so in mornings and evenings, dread going to bed, not getting much sleep! yes i am am smoker but cut down with the hopes of giving up!

once again thanks


Hi Michelle.

Don,t cut down on your smoking,stop it ! I know it aint easy but i did it & if i did it anyone can.I was a chain smoker for wishes xx


Giving up smoking is really difficult but it can be done so try - i have the odd slip up but always feel better without the fags.

try not to worry hun, here's a few tips, try sleeping sitting up - another hard thing to do, but it does help! The best thing i ever got was a lazeeboy chair, when i am bad i sleep in it really comfortably. i was lucky, i put a wanted post on freecycle and someone gave me one ( worth joining but i know some people have problems becoming members!)

There are lots of people on here that have some fantastically good tips so hopefully others can help.


thankyou, its good to know there are people you can turn to for advice, and support.

will let you know how things go after my bloods etc.

thanks and you take care also x


make sure you do...................... remember there are loads of us on here who have "been there got the t shirt" so if you ever need help or advice just pop up a post !

hope it goes well xxx :)


hi krazylady,

had my bloods done, got results yesterday. and nothing wrong with them all came back fine according to my gp. so now waiting to have lung function test, but that is not untill 20th nov, so im still no wiser, but i guess my bloods are ok thats good x


Welcome to a great site! Everyone is right about the smoking thing. I stopped in January and managed to do it using Champix. I had never stuck with it before.

You still need willpower, but after 6 weeks, I knew I would not start again and that was after 30+ years smoking. Now, after 8 months, I don't think about having a cigarette (I can't say the same about a glass of wine!). I never thought I could really do it, but I feel a lot better.

Two incentives - I have saved £200 per month not smoking and I have put that into a savings account from Day 1. If you do have COPD, it need not get any worse as long as you stay off the ciggies.

Good luck and let us know the results.


Lynne x


Hi Michelle. Don't panic. It's normal. I was diagnosed about 12 months ago with COPD. They did blood tests, chest xray, spirometry, I now have 3 different inhalers and ever so often have to have a course of steroids. You really must give up smoking. I smoked from the age of 15, (34 years of being a smoker) and it really isn't worth it. I stopped smoking 17 weeks ago now. I went to Smoking Cessation Clinic at Doctors Surgery and although I still crave a fag, my breathing tells me its not a good idea..... in the long run it will only kill ya!. So please do everything you can to stop now.