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New year's resolutions. Kept any? Breathing Space would like to know

For the Winter 2012 edition of Breathing Space, we're doing a feature on new year's resolutions. So if you've ever made any that you've actually kept, then we'd like to hear from you.

We'd like to know what they were, why you made them and when, difficulties you faced, how you managed to overcome temptation and habit, how long you've kept them, and so on.

Obviously, we're interested in hearing about any related to self-management of health conditions -- but they don't all have to be related to lung-related health or even health at all. We'd also like to hear about unusual, highly personal, maybe even longest-held resolutions that people have made and stuck to.

So, if you want a chance to take part and be featured, tell us all about your successful new year's resolution in an email to

Contact us by, ideally, no later than 15 October and tell us whether you would be willing to be photographed for the magazine if your contribution is selected.

Please note that, for reasons of space, unfortunately we won't be able to include everyone who gets in touch.

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I never make New Year resolutions as I think they are doomed to fail as people put too many expectations upon themselves. Instead I decide to do something quietly and at any other suitable time of the year.

For example, I decided in November 2011 that I wanted to try (again) to give up smoking. I went to my GP and after a couple of sessions with the nurse I started taking Champix between Christmas and New Year and stopped smoking on January 11th 2012. I haven't had a cigarette since.

Apart form my husband, I didn't tell anyone I had stopped until I had not had a cigarette for 6 weeks. It's amazing that nobody noticed, but I have a theory that people notice what you do and not what you don't do. If I had told people, they would have kept asking me, with the best of intentions, but I didn't want to be reminded about it all the time.

The only downside is that I only started to get breathing problems after I had stopped for a about 3 months and I was diagnosed with COPD in May. Although moderate, I am keeping fit, active and still work without any problem and I aim to keep it that way.



One year I made a resolution not to make a new year's resolution. I kept that one :)

Any thing else I want to achieve I just do it or not without any deadline target or pressure to achieve.


I never make them. If I resolve to do something I do it there and then as I can't see the point of putting it off until another day, when my resolve may have weakened!


I only made one (boring weight loss) but it has taken me until now to realise that I can actually keep it. I have lost around 8 lb up to now so will carry on as want to wear a nice dress on my 60th in December. I joined weight watchers and lost 4lb the first week, had a bad back and put on 2! I was so upset that I have never gone back and am doing it by myself, for myself. I am feeling better already and want to be able to be fit and well to continue caring for Pete and to have fun with our lovely grandson (3 months old and gorgous, not that I am biased you understand) so onwards and (weight) downwards! Now where did I put that crispbread? xxxxx


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