Home by the weekend

The consultant and 02 nurse have been to get home by the weekend whoo hoo!

Plan in to get a 2nd concentrator for home as will be on 6L resting to see how I go with ambulatory if needed that can be increased.

To do a trial for inhaled antibiotic's via the nebuliser to help with infections.

Get the Occupational therapists out to see if there is anything they can help with at home such as showering - equipment.

Get the Mcmillan nurses out to discuss what they can offer now and in the future.

Work is now out of the question! A lot to get my head round need time to think.

Just want to say thank you to you all for support, advice and just for being there owe each and everyone of you a great big thanks, a hug and I want to cry but won't because I am just thankful for being here.

Sending you all good vibes :) Val xxx

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Pleased to learn of your good fortune Val,May God speed you home.Well done xx

Thank you :) x

great news :) :) :) :)

Whoo hoo :) x

Its all good so pleased. :) :)

Feeling those vibes. :)


:) x

Val good you decided to stick it out in hospital as it looks like eventually you will be getting help at home you wouldn't otherwise have had. What impresses me is that you are able still to help and empathise with others on the forum who need help even when you are struggling yourself and I so wish I had this ability myself. I can sympathise alright with all the people who post but whenever I take ill I'm afraid its all me me me. Safe home xx

Thank you x

Don't be impressed with her staying power......................................... she only stayed coz she was trying to pull the doctor :) :)

Better go before i get a slap !!!! :)

Ha ha x

Doesn't it feel great Val when they say the words "You can go home ........... " Guaranteed to make you feel even better !!

I'm so pleased for you and glad that you will be receiving the necessary support from the respiratory team :)

Keep on keeping on girl :) xx

I will keep on going ya bugger need to get to the Metro Centre my hair is such a mess needs colouring and cutting ha ha something to look forward to :) and possibly lunch out even better :) x

So pleased to hear you're going home, I always get homesick when I'm in hospital especially when husband has been to see me and then goes home.


No place like home :) x

Really pleased that you are going home & getting the support that you need. You will find that the nebulised antibiotic will reduce infections if you can tolerate it. I was on it for a year then decided to give it a rest with my respiratory nurses agreement, now only use it periodically to keep the bugs at bay :-) Hope it works for you Val.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Thanks Jo :) x

About time Val, glad your going to get the help and support you will need, i bet your counting the day's,it's 3 week's today isn't it ? Anyway take care Lynne xx

Yep a long 3 weeks it has been onwards and upwards :) x

pffftttt to work, its you that matters, you just get home and get what help you can, get people round to see you if you can't get out, we'll all be waiting for you get back to whatever is going to be normal for you, whatever "normal " is. All the best, home, feet up, be pampered. xxx

Thanks sending best wishes Val :) xx

Watching and waiting for those chatroom messages again... (^?^)

Won't be long now Gordon :) xxx

:) x

lots of love xxx

Thank u :) x

Glad your getting out of hospital xxx

:) x

Wishing you happy relaxation at home this weekend.

Good luck, val.


I can do relaxation no problem :) x

About bloody time! You have skived off far too long, laying there being waited on hand and foot. Now, get back into the real world and struggle along with the rest of us.

Welcome home Val. xx

Ha ha love it and will do with no problems, thank you :) x

Congratulations Val, so glad you are getting things sorted to make life easy at home for you.


Thanks zoe :) x

So pleased to see you are going home, I had lost track of how you were because my computer broke down.

I am sure you will be able to get better sleep at home, that will help a lot.

su x

So looking forward to my own bed :) x

home is the best place to get better !! stay well !x

Thank you can't wait :) x

Macmillan nurse has been great with my dad (and us). Also ot provided some great gadgets and equipment ti help with showering etc. We wonder how we managed before! Good to hear you'll be home soon x

Thank you :)

Great news :) x

Certainly is :) x

Brilliant news Val !!

See you in the chat room soon as you are up for it.

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