Just needed a friend or two as feel so alone with

not knowing people with problems .

I have severe asthma and now waiting see a cardiologist but apt not till late November even though my doc asked for emergancy one.Been out of hours and said get doc.push it through but my doctor left a message to keep going to him if need to.

Anyone been sent to cardiology for conjestive heart failure/right side failure ? Thats what AnE have diagnosed but got check it with cardiology.

My asthma nurse knows now but basicaly left on my own now till late November worrying apart from getting help if need it. Thanks guys xxx

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  • Hello,

    Please don't feel alone as we are all here for you ok. You need to speak to the consultants secretary and tell them you need the appointment brought forward. You got nothing to lose and maybe something to gain. In the meantime if you feel really bad you keep going to A&E. I know its not nice, especially if you are on your own but at least you will be in the best place to be looked after. They shouldn't let you home without a proper discharge plan and ensuring there is adequate care and support for you.

    Thinking of you airbags xx

  • Thank you.xxx i dont live on my own just feel that way as they dont know what to say but behind me xxx

    I will ring the sec tomorrow thank you.

    I went to my doc with.breathing problems and feet and legs swollen and he was a waste of space and said treating the two as severe asthma wich i have and OA and believing him went on holliday and ended up in AnE soon as got home.

    When my doc got letter of AnE he wanted to see me.Then he said how long have you been like that for ? So i told him since seen him before went away and you said was two seporate problems- my asthma and OA. Dont trust what he says now.xxx

  • Perhaps you could ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant as well as a cardiologist? The problem is that many GPs don't have enough expert knowledge when it comes to asthma/copd. In the meantime, I suggest you try and get an appointment with the GP or surgery nurse and ask some questions. Or try ringing the BLF. We are all the same you know - tell us half a tale and we immediately suspect the worst. What you need right now is information and reassurance. Good luck. x

  • Thank you auntmary xxx

    Im under a respirutry consultant and asthma team and spoke to

    my asthma nurse.

    Will ring the cardiologist secratary and will ask if can go sooner or cancilation.

    Your right just reasurance would really help xxx

  • hi i also have severe asthma,and a blood test at gp's showed heart failure readings,so was sent along for a heart scan,and hey pesto, it came back normal,so gp has now put it down too my breathing,i know how scared i was at first,so hopefully you too will get a postive out come.do ring and ask for an earlier appointment ,goodluck x

  • Thank you.mine was because ecg and xray showed probs along with swollen feet etc.

    but one thing does help is I would be in hospital if was a big problem xxx been put on .water tablets also now.xray showed mucus in lungs causing heart prob they think by not pumping blood-fluid round properly but they need me see cardiologist .

    Hope mine will be ok also and just ruling things out xxx

  • Change your doctor Airbags! x

  • I have just had to ring my cardiologist secretary, and a most helpful lady she was .

    My first appointment to see the cardio team was nearly 4 months.

    I was rushed into hospital 3 weeks ago and was told b the ambulance team that this will go towards hurrying things along for me to get sorted.

    So my advise is keep at it, I know its hard and the last thing you need at the moment

    but your not alone, I have only been in this forumn a few days and I have found answers and hep and even been able to give help so stick with us as well


  • Thank you jackie50.

    Cardiology just rang me after I left a message on their answer phone.

    Told me dont wory and my isnt going to stop.Told her why I was worried and she said alot of people have swollen feet and heart not pumping as it should and take water tablets so try not worry and when I go he will explane the test results so try not worry.I told her my doctor gave me a note hand to the sec and he wrote emergency apt right heart failureso really scared me and she said that would have scared her also and could have told me more put my mind at rest.Told her my apt is late november and she said that was quick as booked up till newyear xxx

  • Hi Airbags, you have come to the right place for friendship, understanding and support

    Stay with us and keep in touch lots of these people on here are very clever and can give you lots of advice.


  • Thank you Polly,

    Glad I have joined the forum and the friendly advice and friendship is really helping xxx

  • Hi Airbags, waving at you ;) isn't it great being able to get help and advice here! never feel like you're on your own in this,we're all in the same boat :) all here for each other, I am waiting for results of an echocardiograph,it only took a few minutes,but it takes ( a long time to hear back from them!) Try to put all the worry of it to the back of your mind,and if you could take a rest with your feet up ( higher than your heart) that should help with the swelling a little.xxx

  • how did you do the wink


  • Hiya Airbags...

    I'm new on here today so just trying to see what everyone chats about .....

    It doesn't seem fair to be left alone until Nov... its seems that there are a lot of us on here that will support you & chat when we can to help you get through this time gap...

    I hope the weather is better with you than it is with me today... Its miserable here with heavy rain showers & high winds...

    I hope this message reads ok & that I haven't made too many mistakes...

    Take good care... :)

  • Thank you hufferpuffer and cecila. xxx

    Huffer puffer is the echo a test when they put jell on you like when having a baby ?

  • Yes it is! you can see your heart on the monitor if you crane your neck around( I got told off for not keeping still! Polly you just press ; with a ) below and you get a ;) xxx

  • Thank you huffer puffer,will try take a peep also.:-D

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