Can"t Sleep On Right Side...

Not sure why,but last couple of months i find if i try lye on my right side in bed to go to sleep, i cant breathe properly,which ends up me laying on my left side..Or my back,which i find is ok but not as comfortable as laying on my side mostly my left...

If i do manage to fall asleep on my right side i wake up panicking as i can"t breathe..Bit like a panic attack..Whats happening to me..? Starting to worry about going to sleep at night,which is not good as i have a heavy physical job and long hours..Feeling run down and have started pill popping to relax me in bed...Am going slowly insane.......

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  • Richard was exactly the same, we had to swap sides so he could cuddle me, now he sleeps sat up with his wedge pillow and v pillow and 2 ord ones, he sleeps better now.

  • Not sure if this fits but I read somewhere that the left side of our body is slightly heavier than the right, due to how things are 'arranged' inside. Myabe this is why many of us find sleeping on the left side more comfortable?

  • Pill popping should only be short term scottyboy, best to try and find out what the problem is. I start off each night lying on my left side, but after 10 minutes or so I need to roll over onto my right which is much more comfortable for me. Either side though doesn't cause my breathing to change. Your breathing may be worse because you're in a panic too.

    I find that if I play one of my relaxation tapes for 10/15 minutes after getting into bed, the lovely soothing sounds help me a great deal in achieving a good night's sleep, which is something we all need, whether we're going out to work or not. You are obviously under more pressure because of your work and lying awake worrying about breathing and not being able to sleep will only make your situation worse.

    Do give the BLF Helpline a call 03000 030 555 I'm sure they will be able to offer you help and advice.

    In the meantime, stay cool :)

  • Think i may sleep standing up or in the chair if it carrys on..Its got worse,but only on 1 side..

  • Thanks...i was ok a few weeks back..was bad but not as bad as it is now..Feel like death and as though am looking out from a distance most days..I dont suffer panic attacks and normally very healthy..Only have mild Copd and Asthma..Only med i have is Symbicort 200.. I look a mess these days...Found myself getting tearful as i cant cope..

  • Come on now scottyboy, chin up mr. My dad is like that, he cannot sleep on his left side only his right. When we asked the doc about it he said it was because of where the IPF and Emphysema was on his lungs. summit to do with where the pressure is when you lay down you know so maybe your one lung is worse than the other......or to be more positive your one lung is alot better than the other! Dad now has a bed board thingy, like in hospital so he now sleeps at an angle cos he can't breathe well flat out.

    As for getting tearful, maybe a chat with your GP would help. When you don't get your sleep we are all the worse aren't we so you are not alone there hun.

    You'll be fine, I'm sure. Take care and try not too worry too much until you see your doc ok.

    Tanya xx

  • Hi scottyboy. It might be the stress of coping with everyday life and your illness is making you depressed. It is very common with long term illness.

    If you feel very sad and down for longer than 3 weeks it could be depression. If so please go and see your doctor.

    Take care sweetie.

    Bev xx

  • I find that when I lay on my left side I can cough up all the gunk, then I can sleep on my right side and get a good nights sleep.

  • Hi Scottyboy ,

    I am the same and have been for years , that is not to say you should put up with it i just found a way round it that i could cope with xx. To me it feels as if the left lung ( which is my worst one ) is too heavy and is squashing my heart a bit and wakes me up struggling with breath like you . Whether this is the cause or not i don't know but that is how it feels , it certainly is a physical thing and not a panic attack of any kind . hope you find a solution xxxx Dinny xxxx

  • I found out through trial and error that eating nothing solid after 6:00 pm helped me sleep on my right side. A full stomach can be your problem. Good luck

  • Hi Scottyboy,

    I am a returning member, used to come on forum a few years back, if you say you have got worse in last few weeks, would be worth getting yourself checked out by gp, maybe they can review your meds to help. I sometimes put a pillow underneath my side to help cushion it. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I had this a while back every time i lay on my left side i could`nt breath very well.So i went to my doctor and was given antis for an infection.Worked for me and have been good since.

  • I do sleep better on my left side,The best and logical answer I got has to do with one side or lung is worse than other.I start coughing right away and the phlegms start,I sure my phlegms are mostly on my worse lung, the right.

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