Ward round

Well the ward round this morning! The consultant asked how I was feeling and to be honest sitting doing nothing I am fine! Still using 6L to get sats at 88 - 92 and that is resting any movement sats drop and I am gasping. What do you do? Waiting for 02 and respiratory consultant either Tuesday or Wednesday think they want me to go home? Will need 02 reassessing don't know yet how I will manage at home do they ever think about that, can't really do much one doctor says one thing then the other comes along says something else. Would love to go home and be ok but don't think that will happen will keep you posted Val

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  • Afternoon!

    Next time the consultant says different to another, ask him why! That really annoys me, its like who do you believe isn't it? Another day closer to maybe going home Val, keep your chin up xxx

  • Think the one this morning was more interested in the IV's finishing tomorrow that will be the 2 weeks don't think they want to listen he would have discharged me 2 weeks ago so that says it all x

  • Hi Val, I am sorry you are not progressing as quickly as you would like, just hang in there and hopefully in a few days you will turn a corner and be feeling much better and able to get home. Everyone on here is routing for you.

    It is good to see a blog from you I often wonder how you are getting on.

    You are in the best place today it is dire outside.

    Take it care.


  • Thanks Polly don't want to be a hindrance to Graham and Leanne that’s at the back of my mind :)

  • I often wonder if consultants bother to read each others notes. Last time I was in I had one tell me I needed a test. I heard no more so asked the one that came the day after, he didn't seem to know what the test was for and had to look at my notes, then made a phone call, before coming back to say it wasn't needed.

    I love the way they always start with 'and how are you today...?' My reply is often 'I'm waiting for you to tell me...'

    Val, look after yourself and we'll see you in the chatroom soon.

  • Thank u :)

  • OK lady! ........ i appear to be missing a change of address card !!!!! :)

    You must be climbing the walls as it is without the Doctors not knowing what they are doing, it must be driving you potty !!!

    by the way - how are you today............................................................................... lol xx

    :) :) :) keep smiling xxxx

  • Ok when sitting really breathless doing anything might get some answers tomorrow keep your fingers crossed :) x

  • How many crossword books have you finished now ? lol

    I hope you get your answers tomorrow Val, you would have thought in 2 weeks they would have sussed something, you will be better off at home so you would think they would fins a way to get you there.

    When i am in hospital i am a nightmare, not a very patient patient so they can never wait to get rid of me xxx lol

  • They treat the infection then want you out it doesn't matter if you can manage or not, don't think they understand the 02 either?

    Will need it reassessing home sometime this week :) x

  • hello valm :)

    Sorry to hear you're still stuck in the ward :( I hope your respiratory team manage to get things sorted so that you are back in your own surroundings, feeling comfortable and able to cope.

    Good luck !


  • Would love to get home :) x

  • KEEP SMILING VAL!!! honestly the way the weather is you're better off there lol!

  • :) yes can see the rain urgh x

  • Work will be coming to you not the other way round working for a care company you will know your carers whilst they put you on the way to recovery. Are you using mask or cannula with high flow, only a mask is better for me when struggling for breath.

  • Yes I find a mask better at the moment :)

  • venturi or re breather help with the numbers it gets more of what you need.

  • Thank u x

  • Hi Val,

    Hope the consultant gets you sorted out pronto, don't let them shove you out before all bases are covered though.

    Cheers xxxx

  • I need to get the 02 sorted, before I came in here was on 4L resting it's now 6L and god knows what ambulatory now x

  • Don't let them send you home until you're sorted. Are you on a respiratory ward, your treatment dosn't sound too good. We're all thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Libby x

  • It's because the respiratory consultant only covers here 2 days a week the medical lot think they know best? x

  • Get well son and don't take any of there rubbish, you deserve better treatment.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, thinking of you.

    David 1968

  • Thank you :)

  • thinking of you, take care x

  • :) x

  • How are you this morning Val?

  • Sats down again a little this morning 85 on 6L waiting to see whats going to happen will I get home? Keep your fingers crossed :) x

  • Hi Val sorry I missed this earlier. Hope you get things sorted properly soon, keeping everything crossed for you. Hugs Zoee x

  • :) x

  • Val so sorry to hear you are in hospital again, but hope you will "escape" soon. But do make sure everything is in place for you for when you get home - weather permitting you can get there!!!.

    You must be prepared to shout long and hard before leaving the ''portals"

    Keep well and warm

    M xx

  • Thank you on my way home today BOC delivering a 2nd concentrator then there is no holding me back :) x

  • Brilliant news Val !!

    See you in the chat room soon as you are up for it.

  • That's a date then :) xxx

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