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Travel Insurance

Hi everyone, I promised 3 weeks ago to let you know how I got on over my annual travel insurance. Renewal of my ins with More Than (as an retired member of staff) was over £700 then when I checked details I noticed an omission of one tablet which had been changed as Manufacturer had ceased making them, doc changed tab and as it was within 6 months of renewal ins went up £98, yes £98. I then got in touch with Able2travel who were very nice but as I was taking one more med than they would insure they said the best bet was for me to ins with All Clear Travel (these two insurers work out of the same office). They took my details as given to Able2travel plus the extra med and offered me standard insurance for over £450 which would give me half the cover I am used to. I then filled out the application for cover on Flexi Cover Direct site who also said they would only give me half the cover I am used to for around £429. I then rang More Than again and asked could they advise me over the newly prescribed tablet and they advised me to wait for 6 months after the first prescription for the new drug and then I would only need to pay £700 plus. My husband and I are bemused. We are afraid to travel with only £5m medical insurance as we have always had £10m, so as we are not planning to travel until next year we are waiting. However, I must admit I am concerned about waiting as any little change in meds seems to put the policy cost up. I am going to see my Consultant next week and I am now concerned in case he changes any meds. If anyone else out there has any advice, please do tell me. I would love to hear your opinons. Thanks for listening, Maximonkey

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Hiya hun,

Having worked in the travel industry for many years, I do not know of anyone who ever put a claim in and medically the bill came over £5 million so on one hand I would say that £5 mil is enough but its your peace of mind and what price do you put on that?

Isn't it awful though that they charge so much for the premium. Its hard enough having enough money to go on holiday in the first place let alone the additional costs. Hope you get it sorted xx

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Thanks Tanyamarie, thanks for the info, I have decided to try one more ins co and if I come up with the same premium I dare say we have to pay the amount however large. Sometimes life is so unfair, like everyone, we have worked hard and waited for retirement longing for time to travel and enjoy a little relaxation and when we reach 55 or so it all starts to go down hill. Sorry, feeling a bit down today. A wise old man once told me not to wait for retirement to enjoy life and boy was he right. I am glad my husband and children have enjoyed our lives along the road to retirement, but it is so disappointing when one of a couple is ill and plans go down the pan. Thank God I have a lovely husband who is the best in the world. Take care Maximonkey


Hi Maxi, Have you given Saga a go - i have heard from a chap at rehab, that they are quite reasonable, also have you looked into the insurance cover provided by your bank / building society??


Hi Muckster, Saga will not ins me as I have more than 3 illnesses and neither will the bank or building society but thanks for your suggestion. For anyone else out there who is over 50 please remember that all the problems of age such as high blood pressure, cholestrol, irregular heart beat, allergies, asthma (which I have had since childhood) and bronchiectasis add up to more than 3 very quickly. Thanks Maximonkey


Try Age UK - have just got annual worldwide for me and himself for £400. He has mild COPD I am between severe and moderate. Incidentally, the travel insurance provided by Banks and Building Societies presume you are fit and healthy, you are supposed to notify them of any diseases, conditions etc. and they make an annual top up charge - or - someone told me that they were actually refused totally because they had too many conditions/.


Hi milestone, this is exactly what they do, hence my large ins bill. Thanks for your advice, take care of each other. thanks Maximonkey


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