Been out today

17 Days after my operation and the pain is getting much better at last, swelling has almost gone and I can get my watch back on now, decided to get dressed and we went shopping which I thought may be a tall order but at least with a shopping trolley you can stop and rest. We where just getting out of the car and a young man from Tesco was just returning an electric buggy trolley so he gave it to me and it was nice to whizz round the shop with it. It was nice to get out and about and come back not too worn out and It was great to get out of the house.

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  • well its the start of your new life, good on ya, and may you continue to be on the up, its so good to read good news. x

  • I have not commented on your blogs before but have been reading them.

    It is great to have good news it gives hope to lots of others on this site.

    Well done I think you are very brave.


  • Good for you! :)

  • Well done Perce, keep on getting better and looking forward to more outings. :)

  • wonderful well done you keep it up ,great news ,but take it easy too .Jackie

  • I'm full of admiration Perce. Keep improving.


  • Well done Perce, slow & steady. Take care. x

  • Great bet you feel better for it Val :)

  • I am full of admiration. Keep fighting the good fight. xx

  • Thats great Perce, well done hun. Things can only get better for you and you will get stronger every day. You wont need that scooter swn!

    My dad used one for the first time this week and he said it was great......until it conked out half way round bless him. But he said just to be able to go around the supermarket with my mum instead of just sitting in the cafe was great. Simple things but they mean so much.

  • Well done Perce. You are doing very well and are keeping very positive.

    Hope things continue to improve for you.

    Bev xx

    PS Would love to have a go on that scooter. :)

  • I fancy the scooter too...might have a go!! Well done's great just being able to do something "normal" like shopping isnt it!

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