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Have to get up at 7 to be out by 10

It seems nowadays it takes about three hours from waking until I am able to go out.

I take omprazole immediately I wake then cannot take any other tablets for 1 hour

(I don't take it at night time because I like a couple of glasses of vino. :)

I use my brycanil and wait 20 mins before I can use serevent and seretide.

After the hour on mon,wed and fri I take my azithromycin, then I cannot take any other tables for another hour (thats 2 hours). I do try to get a shower in when able.

Then I can take my thyroxine before breakfast.

With breakfast I have a disolvable vit C, a vit B12 and D3 with my antihistamine.

It's a wonder I am not sick. Well I am but you know what I mean. :)

Bet there are lots of people who take loads more than me.

Come on lets have the lists, although no prizes for the most.


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Hi lindierose, how you feeling today, are you on the mend?



Glad the pain has gone, reckon the change in weather and having the heating on affects the breathing I have certainly noticed the difference.

Just look after yourself and take it easy.



richard takes so many pills and potions, and yesterday the dr gave him anothr 2 and he has to get another from the gp. which will make 16.


I take all mine together apart from azithromycin and alendronic acid. Omeprazole just gets chucked down with my Pred and azathioprine...

It's the nebulising that I find irritating - adds half an hour to my morning...


I wake up at 5:15, turn up my oxygen.

Then take Lansoprazole and have to wait an hour. During this time I take my bath.

Then I take Fosamax, and have to stand still for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then I can dress, breakfast, clean my teeth and set off for work at 7.45.

Then over the course of the morning I take

Any antibios and steroids I have been prescribed

2 carbocisteine capsules


Onbrez (indacaterol)



Adcal D3

Three cod liver oil capsules

And inhale oxygen whenever I am driving or sat at my desk

Later in the day I repeat the 2 carbocisteine and then take them a third time, along with another Adcal D3, before adjusting my oxygen for bed.


Hi polly,

I take my omeprazole at night. There is no clinical reason why you can't , I checked in work. And I sometimes have some vino and have no probs. I found when i took it in the morning the acid was so bad at night I have been rushed to hospital I was in so much pain. So far so good.


hi Polly

I take lansoprozole 2 times a day( plus 4 tramadol and 8 paracetamol and 3 ACC ) and when i first started taking them i stuck to the 1 hour before food as directed on the label but after chatting to my doctor she said as long as they are taken at regular intevals ie not close together in the course of the day there is no problem taking them with food. I take one with my breakfast and one with my evening meal and have found no issues with taking them this way and it has helped my daily routine as there is no more waiting around before eating and can now relax if we have a change in schedule.

Obviously check with your doctor before changing your pattern but in my case it has had no adverse affects


Tony xx