poorly girly

sorry I haven't been writting in much this week, I started with a sore throat Monday evening and now have a full blown chest infection, feeling pretty grotty! went to see my GP yesterday and got antibiotics so should feel better soon. I'm being a good girl, staying in bed (ish) and resting up...supposed to start teaching next week so fingers crossed!!

hope everyone else breathing easy!

Mrs S xxx

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  • thanks Rose x

  • Get well soon Mrs Shimmy.

  • You will soon be up and about, take care. x

  • often thought i might change my name to Ms Chest Infection or Anti Bi otic , dont like ster oid too much and Carbo sistine is a big no no !! :)

  • Ha ha x

  • what about 'dolor en el culo' ? :-P

  • Get well soon x

  • Take care x

  • Hope you are better soon Mrs. Shimmy and if you can't make your place of work well you just can't. Maybe easily said for me as I am now retired was one of the lucky ones who could retire at sixty and believe me I did so and on my sixtieth birthday too which was not a moment too soon. I just think sometimes reading the posts the work situation brings an anxiety we could do without with this illness. Be kind to yourself xx

  • Hope you are soon feeling better. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keep warm, rest up and eat your greens ;) :)

  • What rotten luck, I do hope all is soon on the up again for you , take it easy and get well soon. x :-)

  • Aw poor you hope you re soon better.

  • Aww get well soon. xxx

  • Hi

    I'm going into week 2 with this cld, think I've been really lucky to avoid any chest infections. I never used to get the cold that bad, since I gave up smking in 2012 I've had cold like symptoms every so often which haven't came to much.

    Get well soon pal.

    David 1968

  • Hope you get better very quickly, keep on resting up! Take care, Richard

  • Get better soon

  • thanks for all your kind comments friends!! I'm feeling a little better today, had a decent nights kip which always helps!

    I'm keeping resting so hopefully will be fit for work on Wednesday (I used to teach Mondays...glad they changed it now!!) Hubby and the boys are being stars....lots of brews!!

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