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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with copd earlier this year, I have a Spiriva inhaler and a ventolin inhaler..My question is should I be attending a clinic, just for checkups occaisonaly..Also should I have been offered the choice to have the flu jab...The only time I am checked over is if I get a chest infection and have to go to the Docs for antibiotics, then he measures my peak flow and my weight, never had any mention for the flu jab at all....

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Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Hi Laylamae

Generally the protocal would be yearly spirometry and check up unless there are any particular problems (ie) worsening of symptoms, exacerbation etc.

Anyone with a chronic condition such as COPD should be offered the flu jab and the pneumonia jab (if you haven't already had it). You can speak to your practice nurse to ask about clinic they may run, if they don't thay can refer you to an appropriate clinic.

We also have an excellent COPD pack and DVD we can send you - give us a call on 03000 030 555 and we can arrange to send it out to you free of charge.

Best Wishes


Grab that Flu Jab ASAP......

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Annual respiratory check with consultant and or the respiratory nurse at hospital or gp surgery. Annual flu jab and a one off pneumonia jab. these advised once diagnosed with copd. GP can refer to respiratory consultant for accurate diagnosis of your condition, GP can refer to pulmonary rehabilitation course where you can learn all the things that will help you manage your condition and the steps that need to be taken to help keep your condition stable. All good wishes.

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I have an annual check with the GP's respiratory nurse. My flu jab is booked, but when I asked about the pneumonia jab last year I was told by my doctor that I wouldn't be eligible 'til my 60s.

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Hi I was offered the flu jab as soon as I was diagnosed with COPD. If you are not ask for it. I have asked for the pnumomia jab as well but was refused.

I have a six month check with a COPD nurse. They take my bloods and blood pressure and once a year I have a spirometry test.

Hope this helps.

Bev xx

Thank you all for replying to me...Looks like I will be asking a few questions next time I visit the Doctor...xx

As soon as I was diagnosed with COPD, my GP said I was on their register and would get an annual flu jab and a pneumonia jab. I am going on the 9th october for both.

I will also have an annual check up with him and the respiratory nurse (he is a COPD specialist) and I have been told I must go to see him if I think I am getting an infection. He will give me antibiotics to keep at home in time, but wants to be sure that I can tell when I need them first.

He also told me about PR but doesn't think I need it as I am pretty fit and active.

Lynne x

Had my flu jab yesterday, don't know why but i feel lousy today, i have been having the jab for ten years and never felt like this before .

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kentphoto in reply to gillwigan

As a COPD sufferer I was advised 3 or 4 years ago by a nurse who gives flu jabs to stop having the latest flu jab as they are now all active with swine flu vaccine and it is the swine flu vaccine that has most likely caused your problem. This is the only .flu vaccine available now and I need but can no longer have an in-active flu vaccine.

because of costs with a lot of gp you have to push yourself forward for this. but yes as a COPD sufferer however mild you are entitled to it

I phoned my GP today to find out when the flu jab clinic will be this year - have to wait till 7th NOV here: don't think I'll be going out much between now and then, especially if the weather stays as bad as it is today!! =(

I think, theoretically, carers of those in a vulnerable position (COPD etc) are entitled to the flu jab as well.

Jude x

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