Titrating own oxygen levels in hospital basically adjusting the oxygen to maintain sats as 88 - 92 easier and feel more confident doing it myself since they plummeted to 75 the other day, no one had bothered to do anything about the low sats no wonder I felt so ill.

6L = 95 will try 5 1/2 L to maintain 88-92.

Hope all are ok I am getting there very slowly but definitely on the up Val :) x

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  • morning Val.Sorry to learn that you are still in hospital.So pleased to know that you are feeling on the up though.Lets all hope that get home soon.Good luck & Best wishes to you x

  • Thank you hopefully home Tuesday or Wednesday next week IV's finish Tuesday that will be the 2 weeks can not wait me own bed ahhhhh :) x

  • Good morning, sounds as if things are slowly improving. I came out of hospital 2 years ago with sats 88 - 92, they said that was ok as my body had got use to dealing with that level, my sats also dropped to 77 whilst I was there, only happened the once. That was two years ago, my sats are usually around 93-95 when sitting, so things can improve.

    Libby x

  • The nurse said they may not improve but we will have to wait and see, it's always the case eh would be nice to return the sats to what they were at the level they were but hey ho you have got to get a long in life. Watch this space feeling aye ok at the minute will keep you posted Val :)

  • Keep your hopes up Val. I had dramatic sats drops and ending uip in hospital. Took a couple of weeks (whilst I used my own oxymeter to monitor and adjusted oxy flow as needed when the hospital staff failed me miserably) but I am now back to 'normal'. Keep on getting better. xx

  • You wouldn't believe it mind do they not know how serious it is? The 02 nurse said they all know how to do it - titrate 02.

    Also said I can't be here all the time she's going in to semi retirement god help us then. Thanks for letting me know that your back to normal now just hope mine returns to what it was sending best wishes your way.

  • Haven't moaned too much this time stitch I knew I needed to be here ha ha onwards and upwards watch this space :)

  • you will have to get the ole man to take you for a slap up meal when you get home, take care. xx

  • Would be nice :) x

  • Good to hear you chirpy Val, hope this continues and you get home next week.

  • Ha ha yes considering they wanted to send me home ages ago, keep your fingers crossed hope you are doing ok and getting plenty rest :) x

  • Think you could have a good job in that hospital Val, teaching staff how to look after people on oxygen. Thank goodness you know what you are doing, if ever I have to go on it I will be in touch for advice.

    Glad you are on the mend and will soon be back home. (no place like home) :)


  • You soon learn if it's a case of do it yourself or not at all then you get on with it :) any time anyone needs any advice feel free to ask :) Your right polly no place like home miss my bed ha ha Val x

  • Good Morning Val, keep on the up and up, do the 6L to get 95 sats as and when you need the extra burst to go get choccy from the trolly :). Keep on improving and stay happy thinking of the feeling good Val :) especially after choccy :) x

  • Oh yes love Fruit and nut ha ha :) x

  • Thank you hope you are also feeling better soon :) x

  • Hi Val, really pleased that you are slowley getting better, are you in a specialist respiratory ward? They really should be monitoring your O2 levels regularly.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • It's a medical ward the respiratory consultant just 2 days a week cut backs? :)

  • Hi Val it does seem a very long time you've been in hospital which is fine if you are getting tip top professional help but worryingly this doesn't always seem to be the case. Safe home early next week x

  • Hopefully home Tuesday Wednesday at the latest keep your fingers crossed :) x

  • Val, they be charging you rent swn if you stay any longer hun lol. Fingers crossed all goes well and you be home next week.

    I am sure your family can't wait and you will have a little celebration or two. Take care xx

  • Thank u :)

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