Hi since complaining about everything I am happy to report that everything has improved enourmously!

One of my friends rang up today and said did I (and another friend) want to spend the day at a big shopping centre where there was loads to see do and buy. Had lovely day and we went for something to eat, had fantastic leek and potato pie. Didn't get back til 5pm unfortunately too late to visit my mum in her care home - feeling gulty coz I haven't been for 4 days now. Omg!

Had a great night out Tuesday night in my darts team. I laughed and laughed for ages. What a brilliant night!

This Sunday me and two of my sisters are going to the youngest ones house to look at all the old family photos. I can't wait - we have had a quick look before and there are 100's (my mother was a great picture taker) and we can take a trip down memory lane.

Have been researching my family on Ancestory.co. - free trial. Have traced my dad's great grandparents then got stuck. Got back as far as my mothers grandparents and got stuck again. Going to carry on digging and see what I can find.....

I am definately going to volunteer for a local charity shop or for BLF. Am feeling fit, healthy and full of life at moment. I live in such a beautiful place with parks, beach and lots of cliffs and walks I really appreciate it.

Thank you for all your support when I was feeling so down and I want to share the good times with al my friends as well.

Bev xx :)

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So pleased that things are looking up for you Bev , and that you can see all the good things round you , Sounds like it was a fantastic day out i am quite envious of you ;-).

Hope you have a brill day on sunday with your sisters , its great to look at old pics we have been doing that recently and really enjoyed it , do keep us updated on how things go with doing the volunteer work . Have fun . Su x :-)

Thank you zaney thats very kind of you. Will definately let you know how it all goes,

Bev xx

Amazing what a shower can do... :-P

Always nice to hear about someone going form bad to good, just try not to go back down again.

I always try not to go back down again Gordon. Just dont seem to have much control over it though! xx

Glad all is going well for you long may it last :)

Very happy to hear that things are on the up for you, stay positive and enjoy the trip down memory lane. All the best, Richard.

Brilliant! :)

Great news Bev. Glad you are on the up. x

on the ancestry road, my dad, a good few years ago, hit a brick wall with his records in our local town. He asked the mormon church, don't know who told him to, we arent mormons, and for a small fee they looked into it and got new information in saffron walden, he went there for acouple of days,to the local library archives and withing a couple of months found relatives in australia, canada, and right back to 1703, its very addictive, go on genes reunited too, He came back with a revelation too, his grandad had come to yorkshire to work on the standedge tunnel, met and married his grandma here and settled down had 5 kids, dad found out he also had a wife and 7 kids in Essex, ooooooooooooooooooooo. My dads words were," well I found out me dad was a bastard" . have fun delving your past, have you tried accessing micro files of census in your library. oh you are gonna have some fun' xx

Hello Hypercat

I trace family trees if you need a little help give me a shout. So glad your feeling well. xxx

Go Bev!

When i first become ill i decided to do the same thing and look into my family tree, i have managed to go back to the 1700s and have discovered so much. i have done both my grandmothers but i am a bit stuck now because ( only me !!! ) my maiden name is Smith!! ( kew gets a visit soon)

I have found the worse thing about this illness is the brain tends to get stagnant and doing stuff like that keeps my brain working but after a while it can get a bit much.

I have found Rootsweb good - some people who have already done family trees have them on the site - as the advert says " just type in the name".

good luck Bev.

glad you are feeling so much better. I go on ancestry and find it addictive. I am in a doldrum at moment as there are other things going on around me and havent been on for months. Im looking forward to getting my mojo for research back soon lol

super news Bev........!

have a nice time and always make the most of it.

all the best.....



Enjoy enjoy enjoy - taking a trip down memory lane with your Mum as well may bring more to light with family history. Keep on enjoying life and in amongst all the excitement don't forget your flu jab shot to help keep you protected.

My mother, very late in life, tried to find out her family tree, and to our astonishment, discovered that her own mother had another nine children she did not know about!This would have been in the 1920's and early 30's when big families were quite usual, and records weren't kept so well, then her mother moved on and had my mother in the late 1940's.

That's really great, even with COPD life is for living :-)

Great i am glad things are going well for you and i hope they get better.

Best wishes for the Future

So pleased for you Bev! I knew things would look up for you and hope good things continue. Keep smiling! Thinking of you and sending good wishes. xxxxx

Great to hear the news your on the up hypercat - and that your glass is now half full instead of half empty! Darts and volunteering good for you. I found when I got into looking up the ancestry stuff it became really addictive being like being a detective on front of a computer scene! but very interesting looking into my roots kinda brings history alive especially on my dads side - who were mostly from the isle of dogs.

Good to hear things going well - so keep smiling and best wishes for your future adventuresx

How lovely, to read that you are having a super time rite now. Go for Bev it and enjoy it.............

Hi Bev ,

I have been doing my family tree for about 20 years on and off . i have gone as far as 1600's on a few branches but i am not really very good at it , i am sure there are some better ways of searching than i have tried but i find it hard to concentrate now so i only delve in when i feel able to . The mormons are reputed to be good for info , they also have a website at FAMILYSEARCH ( just google it ) , i got about 60% of my info from it , good luck with the searching and if i can help i will be happy to xx. xxxx Dinny xxxx

Well done Bev. Have a great day out at weekend. Take care. Marilyn x

Aw thank you all for your lovely messages. Can't reply individually - too many!

Feel like life is on the up but didn't have very good night tonight at darts - got the hump....

Will take up your kind offers on helping to trace family and many thanks those of you who recommended good sites.

Again, many thanks.

Bev xx

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