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Will SCN. Change these?

I am still new to this but I have come across these two sites, and wondered if anyone else has read them, and would the SCN change them? For COPD

Page 9 page 76 page 78 for asthma

Long read but good for making you sleepy! Typing in the above was bad enough!

It may help newly diagnosed to see if they are getting the right help.

B. sleep well everyone.

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I have read quite a lot of this document,all the right words are there,some of them are quite scary,when I read "empower the patient to take control of their condition"great words but ask anyone involved in mental health and they will tell you this is "yes minister"speak for "your on your own mate"

The real truth is that this government are taking billions of pounds out of the NHS budget,they are determined to privatise huge sections of the NHS,these measures are bound to have a negative impact on the health care we need.

Will try and read some more later.


Hi timber.

That was what I was thinking, (empowering) the patient when you feel so ill.

The cost of in producing all these strategies must be horrendous, and often left by

the wayside,

I agree it is a long read but I found that care for chronic asthma, that I should have

received in the past has not been implemented. Only now has my condition been

helped. I only did a quick read and will go through it again.


very interesting to read , I have copd

not sure how things will change or if it will benefit us !


We have patient advocates that chase down the paperwork , guess you have the same


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