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advice needed please

i am 66 diagnosed as copd, i have bad nights, we live in a converted bedsit, council owned,my husband has mental health problems, because i don,t sleep well, because of my breathing , husband has often to sleep on setee, usualy in a angry mood, we have no back entrance ,no garden , no room in bedroom for 2 beds, my gp has written TWICE to the council asking for us to be moved, our warden also has contacted the council, But they will not budge even though the gp has told them i will need oxygen, the stresss of trying to cope, is making life very hard .Any advice apreciated , sorry to moan.

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hiya Banner............

well im so sorry to hear of so many problems!

and ur not a moan as anger is an energy lol........

i think there are a good few number of things that you can look into and see if it gets the ball rolling find out who the local councillor is for the area you stay in and forward the letters from the doctor and the warden to him as they are there to work for you its not what you can do for them !

also id contact shelter also and get them on the case also as the more help you have then the better.

here is a link to shelter

id also maybe ask also and see if they can help.

do you have a social worker at all as they can and should be doing more to help in this problem that you have.

may i wish you all the best and i for one hope that this is sorted out soon for you.

many thanks Roger.


Hi Banner,

sorry you're having a rough time. When I was in a 'bad place' for all sorts of reasons including mental health problems, I contacted the local Labour Councillor ( doesn't matter about the political persuasion) who visited me, put a case together and fought the local council for me. He was an absolute life saver. He threatened the housing dept with the local and national newspapers re : this poor lady with depression... Contact your mental health team who will also help. Have you got a psychiatrist, CPN or PSW? if so contact them. You need as many people on your side as you can think of.

I also had to provide the council with a letter from my employers to say that my living conditions were impacting on my job!! How embarrassing was that - but I didn't care . It all helped to win my case. Also, contact Age UK (used to be Age Concern) they have people to help any one over the age of 50 years with any problems. Also the CAB are useful. I am sure other people here will have advice. Good luck, I hope this helps.


I think Roger has already beaten me to the better options, like your local councillor, Shelter and Age UK. Also contact your MP if you can, they may be able to rattle a few cages as well.

Another possibility is DIAL, if you have one locally - check at


hi Gordon

its great we all come together and when we all work together it makes a problem much more easy to sort and deal with.


I agree with Roger and Gordon - local councillor seems the best idea.


Hey don't be sorry for your distress hun, have you tried getting int ouch with your local M.P? I understand to a degree the unhappiness and stress you must be going through and for the council not to adhere to your medical situation is a bloody disgrace, surely they are not so flaming narrow minded as to not notice the stress this is putting on both you and your husband. At your 'time of life', no offence you don't need all that, you should be enjoying your twighlight years. Seriously, get on to your local M.P and try and discuss the matter with him/her. Best of luck hun and remember, I and many others are here for you. x


I find it easier to send email to my MP, rather than try and pin her down in a surgery - although she does have them regularly. That way I can give her all the details, without waffling on and repeating myself. She then has it all written down and, where needed, copies of letters and whatever else. It makes their job a lot easier.

Dead easy to find their email address - just go to

there's often a link to an MP's website there, and that's where you'll get the email address.




Hi banner so sorry to hear of your troubles. I do completely agree with seeing your local MP. I do know from my own experience that they can move mountains.

Something else you could try is to get on a Housing Association List. In my area (and I presume other areas) you get higher priority because of age and illness. In my area they have blocks of flats only available to people over a certain age too.

Could be worth a try.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Bev xx


Hi Banner

I am sorry to read of how difficult things are at the moment, Shelterline (as mentioned above) have a helpline - 0808 800 4444 - hopefully they will be able to give you specific help.

Also as mentioned above contacting MP's can be an excellent way to highlight the problems you are having, if you don't know who your MP is you can click on the link below and enter your postcode:

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



jo thank you so much , support means so much i sound a wimp , but i have no family no one so support is fantastic , thank you all


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