Possible Asbestos Related Problems

About 25 years ago whilst I was working as a fitters mate at heating engineering company within Derbyshire, I was made to work un-masked with the removal of some asbestos from of a flue pipe section, I said to my boss that we should not work on that stuff, but he just said we had to get this job completed, and so hence I/we had to remove it to enable us to fit a new cast iron hopper to the flue tube and domestic hot water boiler, I asked the school caretaker as to how old this asbestos was? And he said it was about 27 years old on the day of our works, and so now I am wondering as if to what strain of asbestos it was that I was made to work on?

Also a few years later and whilst I was working within a large plant hire company workshop in Derbyshire, some builder decided to cut through the asbestos roof sheeting’s with a petrol still saw whilst I was working underneath/within this workshop, only this time I was slightly older and more wiser, so I asked my foreman if I could work elsewhere until this dusty works was completed, but he just said for me to speak directly with the plant manager, when I did this he just said for me to carry on working in it and not to complain as I was getting paid to work, so hence to say that this time I just gathered up my work tools and left this job for good, I went straight to the local social security offices and I then asked them to call somebody out to investigate my complaint against this company, I managed to get on the phone, Acas from Nottingham and they immediately attended the site and then tested the air quality, it failed and so they then closed the workshop down, the company then had to pay for three guys in full boiler suits, masks and respirators to fully clean the workshop and stores areas totally.

And I got another/better job just three days later.

I have always wondered as to if I had now got some of these very dangerous fibres within my body as I am now aware that they can course lung problems after about 20/25 years. I do have asthma and always use my preventer inhalers, but I have noticed that despite this use over the last couple of years that my wheezing is getting slightly worse as time goes by.

I do not have much spare cash these days as I can only work limited hours each day as I also have some degenerative spine troubles, but I am wondering as to where I can now go to seek getting some help to try to at least put my mind at rest a little? I now live within the Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire and would appreciate any of your help/advice.

Many thanks.

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There are plenty of companies who will take your case on a no win no fee basis. The problem is trying to prove your condition is caused by "Asbestos". I worked with asbestos over 30 years ago and when I first had pains in my lungs I told my doctor that I was concerned that I may have Asbestoses. Of course I was shepherded under the umbrella of "COPD". It is far less hassle for the medical establish to blame all lung disease on smoking, I think they feel justified in blaming "US" for knowingly damaging our health. Having said that if you feel you have an industrial disease then you should take it all the way to the bitter end, you owe it to yourself and your family. "Work to Live not Die for Work"

I thank you for your comments within your super fast reply, and I am also sorry to hear that you are in such pain with your present conditions... I will have to wait and see how things progress with my case because I have never smoked so that is out of the question here...

Thanks again.

I have proven asbestos damage that showed up on a ct scan. Convinced that my emphysema was caused by it. No doctor will say on the record that its probably the case. They try to tell me smoking caused it.

I thank you for your comments within your super fast reply and I am also sorry to hear about your present conditions, but do you mind if I ask if you did ever smoked? Because I have never smoked so that is out of the question here, but I will have to wait and see how things progress with my case

Thanks again.

Sounds about right, don't let the b******bs get you down, fight them all the way.

I sure will do and I would even sell my house to take it all of the way.

Thanks again.

Hi Nivek,

If you would like to get more advice about your potential exposure to asbestos and what possible effect it may have had on your lungs visit our website dedicated to asbestos awareness: takefiveandstayalive.com/ and take a look at our page on the BLF website about asbestos too: blf.org.uk/Page/Asbestos

If you give the BLF helpline a call on 03000 030 555 from Monday-Friday 10am-6pm you will be able to talk to a special adviser in more detail about your particular concerns.

Hope that helps and sets your mind at ease a little, it's always good to get the facts and speak to someone rather than worrying.


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