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Back again

We have had a few days away in London and got back home today and I have just been catching up on the posts.

We had a lovely time but I really noticed I was much more breathless than usual in London due to all the traffic fumes and I had to use my ventolin every day as well as my usual Spiriva.

So I am glad to be back amongst the trees and fields!


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Welcome back Lnne :) Glad you had a lovely time, but such a shame that London's air quality rather spoiled it for you :(

Trees and fields are good, eh ?


Catching up on posts needs an e mail to your MP on this blog tell your friends evryone needs to know what is happening.

ps welcome back :-)

Glad you enjoyed your break Lnne, I am going abroad soon and pretty well dreading it as although going to a warmer clime I seem to get so anxious getting from a to b and worry about coping with travelling which is unusual for me. It's good though your Ventolin helped and as long as I'm not a trouble to anyone must admit I'll be glad to get away from the daily grind. Your post is very cheering and re assuring. Keep well!

I'm off abroad soon as well, first time since I was diagnosed so I know how you feel Lavender1, just going to go with it but it won't be without some anxiety. I just hope I manage the fall in oxygen levels on the plane, thats my main concern, so I'll take my inhalers that day later than usual.....have a good holiday.x

Welcome back. Glad you had a good time.

Hi Lynne, dontcha just love those trees. Welcome back.

Oh yes!

Lavender1 and Swallow: I'm sure you will be fine. Just take it steady. We went to Sorrento this time last year. It was great and although I didn't have any medication then, as I had not been diagnosed, I was fine. I just took my time.

Lynne x

Glad you had a nice time, what did you do in London, did you see a show?

We did a lot. My husband was born and grew up in Sheppard's Bush, so we went to look at his old house and other haunts. We also went to Greenwich, the Globe Theatre to see As You Like It, had afternoon tea at Claridges (a present we were given) and had a couple of other meals out.

Lucky you to be in London. I love the place but it does play havoc with the old tubes.

I lived there for 22 years and have been trying to arrange a visit with friends but no joy yet. Its great at Christmas there. Because I know it so well I just buzz around revisiting my fave haunts. Come back shattered but its worth it. I bus and tube hop around and the SHOPS are fantastic and the markets....sigh

Bev xx

oh You are all making me feel nostalgic!

Hubby and I were in London from 14th, to17th. My youngest son works in London and we visited him for his birthday, had a lovely time breathing wasn't too bad but my feet were blistered as he walked us all over the place.

Oh you definitely had a great time, Claridges sounds wow. I have to get back for a visit, havn't been since I was a youngster! I would love to go at Christmas like Bev said......I am starting to feel a tad festive already hee hee

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