What would you like to see on the BLF Facebook page?

The British Lung Foundation Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/britishlungfoundation) now has over 3,000 followers. Regular posts include photos and stories from our amazing fundraisers and supporters, updates from Breathe Easy groups, news relating to the BLF or to lung and respiratory health in general, details of interesting events, and videos of our monthly online surgeries. There is also a section where followers can leave their own comments and questions or discuss things with each other. But what else would you like to see on our Facebook page? Or is there anything you would like to see more or less of? If so, please let us know. Thanks!

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News about campaigns or research the BLF are doing so we can see how it hwlps

Good to know, thanks! Expect some news about BLF research later today!

Well I just had a rant on another blog so I would just simply like to say, I would like to see the BLF out there more in the public domain. Untill my dad was ill, I never knew the BLF existed but I know about many other charities because i see their shops, collection tins in shops, brochures, adverts etc.

We need to do more.

Hi Tanya Marie. We would also like the BLF to be out in the public domain more. Unfortunately, things like adverts and shops are usually the preserve of charities like the BHF or Cancer Research UK that have a lot more money than us. This kind of public exposure is expensive, which is one of the reasons fundraising is so important for us. We're doing our best to try and raise awareness of the BLF, and the efforts of Breathe Easy members and everyone else on this web community can be really helpful in doing this. Hopefully over time, with your support, we will continue to grow and become more widely-known, so that we can help and support as many people with lung disease throughout the UK as possible.

Ditto TanyaMarie, I also had never heard of the BLF, not even when diagnosed, and only found the site recently.

And I do not use Facebook - it is unsafe in my opinion, and that of many others.

I've used Facebook for many years without a single incident. It's safety depends on yourself and your own security settings, all of mine are in place.

BLF on FB is a good place to be, people can communicate on there and the work of the BLF can be highlighted providing information and awareness of lung disease.

I would like the BLF (an others) provide a "post code" search facililty to help find such things as "Sleep Clinics" - even my GP has "no idea"

Hi - this is something that would be difficult on our Facebook page, but we are looking into it for the website. Thanks for your suggestion.

As you may know, we already have a postcode search function for the BLF in your area: blf.org.uk/InYourArea

How people are benefiting from the BLF when questions are asked about how money is spent it helps show the good work that is done. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/talking...

Thanks - we do often post about our campaigns and research that we've funded, but you're absolutely right that Facebook is a great way to spread the message about the good work the BLF does. This is also something anyone here who is also on Facebook can help with, by 'liking' our Facebook page and inviting their friends and family to like it too.

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