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Egg free vaccine update

I have found out that an egg free vaccine (albumen ) is available at no cost to doctors,

If any one else has this problem.. It is called OPTAFLU and is produced by Novartis.

I have to speak to the practice nurse tomorrow,, also the pneumonia jab is egg free.

Twenty years ago I had a very bad reaction to a tetanus course, I have been informed that is

also safe to take,, hopefully I will be better prepared for the winter and not have to

hibernate. B.

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Well done you for digging that one out, I was hoping someone would find something out about it.

Take care

Dave xxx


Your welcome,

I am glad if it can help someone else,

annoyed at drs for not informing me.



Aww Brill,

Now this is Very helpful I have the egg allergy and wasn't able to have a flu jab as a result only the pneumonia :-) will tell my docs

Thank you for posting this... :-)



So pleased to help some one else,

I have spoken to the practice nurse this morning, she said she can't help, I have to make an appointment with the doctor, because the vaccines are ordered by bulk, and she said she has never heard of this vaccine!!!

The doctor will have to make out a prescription for one odd jab! I now have to try and get an appointment!

Hope I can get this sorted this year. Good luck with your Drs. B. x


Aww Ruby,

I wish you loads of luck and hope you are able to get the jab and keep safe this winter..

My docs calling me back when surgery is quiet later to have a chat regarding it, as she was concerned that I wasn't able to have the jab a month ago when I had the pneumonia jab so fingers crossed...




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