Well still in hospital! Sats low at 82 continuing with the IV antibiotic's, asked this morning why the sats are so low he said due to cavities in my lungs containing the infection it is difficult for the antibiotics to penetrate! Can't really concentrate and tired all the time urgh.

Give me some multi vitamins to get me going ha ha :)

Hope you are all healthy and well this morning Val x

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  • keep on keeping on Val.best wishes x

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Val, so sorry you are still in the hospital, I'm visualising the cavities closing so the antibiotics can sort out the infection :) Keep on resting, as you sleep your own body's natural healing process kicks in. Wishing you feeling better soon with sats in the 90s before long :)

    I'm doing good today - just off to exercise.

    Hugs Zoee x

  • Enjoy your exercise zoe should have been my 1st day back at work ha ha :)

  • Thanks Val, I did :) Hope you are feeling a little better today and getting ready to flex those biceps ;) x x

  • Ha ha not quite ready yet :)

  • hopefully antibiotics will start workin soon, not gd today myself just goin bck 2 docs with chest infection not clearing up at all antibiotics n pred not workin so scared that im goin 2 b admitted 2day.xx

  • Look after your self x

  • just keep resting, then your body has a chance to heal. Lots of love, J x

  • Thank you x

  • blimey val - your milking that a bit now - some people will do anything for free board and lodgings :)

    Hope you feel better soon Val - nothing worse than being in hospital coz that gets you down and slows your recovery, hopefully those antibiotics will kick in soon and you can get home .


  • Would be better if it was 4 stars in Windermere ha ha could do with that :) They are talking another week hope your feeling better and resting :) x

  • jeez Val - is the food that good you squeezing another week out of it !! lol

    seriously, that's not funny Val, bet your bored to tears in there and another week will have you climbing the walls!

    Slept on my lazyboy last night - has helped my chest a lot but still really tired.

    Hate sleeping sitting up but have to admit it does help sometimes -

    keep smiling tho ! :)

  • Take it easy and rest,

    I suppose I have the tv my lap top, tell you the truth just tired want to shut my eyes all the time ha ha told u I was a dozy bugger :)

    As for the food hit and miss no Michelin Star here ha ha !

    Better get looking for some offers for my next trip away.

    Won't be long till I am on my way home, keep your fingers crossed Val xxx :)

  • Poor Val, hope you are feeling better soon and can come home.

  • Me too :(

    You can't keep me down will bounce back ya bugger if it's the last thing I do ha ha :) x

  • Hi Val wishing you well, and those anti-biotic's kick in asap, how long have you been in hospital ? I know from experience you will feel so much better when you get home, Take care Lynne x

  • Will be 2 weeks tomorrow but they buggered about for a week before giving IV's, disregarded what the consultant had said! x

  • Aww hope your home and better soon xx

  • Hope your soon feeling much better Val

    Jo :-)

  • Thank u x

  • Hi Val, sorry to hear you are still in hospital I know its not a nice place to be but its the best for resting and getting your strength back because when you are home you will be tempted to push yourself, which is not always good.

    Rest up hope those antibiotics get working so you can be home soon.

    Take care


  • Thanks Polly doing what I am told this time ha ha x

  • Oh dear sorry to hear your still poorly val, what iv's are they pumping into you now and

    How much oxygen, litres are you being given if you dont mind me asking, because sats at 82 is not going to be a good place for vital organs recovery etc.

    lots of love to you

    are you managing to get showered under your own steam or is it bed bath

  • Still on 4L and 6L ambulatory the IV tazocin 3 times a day Graham helps me with a shower getting better its just very slow this time x

  • Sorry you aren't home yet Val. Keep up that fighting spirit and you'll be fine.

    Hope you're getting plenty of visitors and you can always keep up on your

    laptop with the rest of the walking wounded here. xx

  • My daughter has just been off she's gone to wash her car ha ha. I am on the mend slowly :)

  • Chin up Val, hope you are out soon. x

  • Thank u :)

  • Valm I hope you get home soon too x was just wondering if they give you any physio to move the pockets of infection ?.. like us with bronchi, we are given pep device to disslodge stuff in lung. I can't live without mine, would get completely congested in a couple of days.

    su x

  • No physio's have been just told it is taking time to sort this time knocked me for 6 though x

  • Didn't know you could take your lap top into hospital, gives you something to look at and keep you in contact with the outside world. Just keep thinking - Windemere see you soon.

    Libby x

  • Oh yes Libby Windermere will be on the cards really enjoyed it :)

  • Keep fighting Val, we're all with you in spirit.

    Take care

    Dave xxx

  • I am you can't keep this one down for long ha ha :) x

  • Fingers & toes crossed Val, hope you home soon. Take care. Marilyn X

  • Thank u :) x

  • Sorry to hear you are still in hospital - hope those antibiotics kick arse soon and that you and your fighting sprit and sense of humour will be back home soon, take carexx

  • Thanx :)

  • Best wishes to you Val x

  • Thank u x

  • get well soon Val. xx

  • Will be home asap :) x

  • Another week on IV's should do the trick :)

  • Sorry to hear you are in hospital Val, I'll say a few prays for you and a speedy recovery, not much fun being in hospital but it's the best place for you right now....take care and do as they say!!.....xxxx

  • Ha ha long time no hear from you :( Up and down like a flamin yo yo I am dizzy ha ha :) x

  • Oh poor you, just as things was looking up, can't change much at the moment so take it a day at a time and take it easy.....I've been on holiday lol xxxxx

  • :) x

  • wishing you well Val and hope you get home soon. xxxxxxxxxxx

  • :) x

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