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I am male 70 years old and have suffered from COPD for about 2 years i get breathless when i undress dress make a cup of tea ect so i have just bought myself a NEW SIBO series III mini portable O2 generator and wondered if you thought this might help me if i took some extra oxygen or do you think i have wasted my money and do you think it could do me any harm Thanks


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  • Self prescribing oxygen is not a good idea sandymel. You really should discuss this with your doctor or respiratory nurse/consultant.

    If you have the Ventolin (blue) inhaler a good tip is to use it BEFORE you do anything that you know is going to make you more breathless.

    I don't think you have necessarily wasted your money as, even if the doc says you don't need it now, it may come in useful in the future.


  • Thanks for your advice i have got the Salamol Easi-Breathe but it does not seem to help any i do use it before i do anything i think is going to make me breathless When i take my oxygen levels with that thing you put on your finger it says about 88% i just thought the extra bit of oxygen might help i would not use it all the time just when i felt bad

    Thanks again


  • That "thingy" is called an Oxymeter.

  • The salbutamol (the blue one) work as a reliever straight away but according to my respiratory nurse give optimum relief after twenty minutes and I have found this to be the case so perhaps you can time your tasks better. Carole

  • My oxygin is not self prescribed it was given to me by the hospital

  • Your sats sound pretty low sandymel so maybe you should see your doctor anyway. My gp advised that if my sats dropped below 88 I should seek medical attention. I don't think the oxygen will do you any harm, so maybe give it a try for 2 or 3 hours each day ? If your sats don't improve having used it, then see your doc :)

  • Sandymel, it is not a good idea to self prescribe oxygen. If you are reading low sats at rest you should speak to your consultant or GP but there are also risks with taking supplemental oxygen. If you do need it they can then keep an eye on you and also monitor your carbon dioxide levels, etc.

  • As everyone said, better safe than sorry hun. Besides, you shouldn't have to pay out of your own pocket for something that is readily available on the NHS. Put your money back in your pocket and spend it on treats for yourself. Go see your GP and they will help you ok

  • I agree - there is a van delivering O2 tanks and POCs runnng around my home town.

    We paid for the NHS and should not have to pay for it again - that just helps the politicians privatise the NHS.

  • Sandymei, have to agree with everyone else on here. As an oxygen ltot user 15/24 having been proscribed using oxygen originally for exercise and ambulatory purposes at 4 lpm, like yourself my sats plummeted on moving about. I was then put on the ltot after a nasty exacerbation at 2 lpm. The whole idea of it is that by having oxygen, I am able to protect my other organs - not specifically to help me breathe.

    I would really reccomend you speak to your health care specialist before you use it regularly and if you aren't able to get your breath you do need to tell so that they can either arrange to assess your medication or send you for PR or teach you breathing exercises.

    Good luck and do let us know how yu get on


  • I am a 70 year old male and have copd i also bought a machine for extra oxygin and landed in hospital by using it after coming out of hospital they gave me home oxygin and set it at the right flow 2ltrs so i would not advise buying your own rather ask the doctor first

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