counting my chickens AGAIN !!!

a month ago my doctor put me on a daily dose of doxycycline in an attempt to keep these regular infections at bay.

so after 3 weeks i felt good- in fact the best i had felt for some time, so i rang work and said i will be back, after 4 months, on Monday. sooooooo excited.

yep! i made a boo boo and counted my chickens before they hatched, so here i am, another chest infection, breathless, tired, headache and the old gals hip ( my symptom of a chest infection)

someone gaffa tape my mouth PLEASE!!!!!

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  • hehehe.....yeah deffo gaffa tape for you id

    its horrid as ive had non-stop chest infections also and im so looking forward to winter oh yes bring it on lmao..............

    going to be a great one lmao...........

    i hope you do feel well soon xxx

  • trust you :) :) :) lol

    but i want pink !!!!!

  • he gets worse!!!!lol


  • Pink...!!!??? Why do women always want things that cost twice as much as what a man would choose, and still does the same job...

    If you really must - or

  • the other half is currently ordering some ............ but he said he needs it for general use ! aint got the foggiest what he means !!!! lol

  • No, he's probably going to use it for your original suggestion ;-)

  • you tell him rose xxx NA NA Gordon xx lol

  • Pink gaffa tape, it will go wonderfully with my tool bag.

  • I've seen a set of pink screwdrivers in a local 99p store.

  • Hope you feel better soon krazylady.

  • hhahahaha love it Gordon


    hope ur well Gordon

    all the best


  • Got to look after these ladies when they're not feeling too good. Variety is the spice of life as they say ;-)

  • it sure is lmao.................

  • Oh dear so sorry krazylady - its typical isnt it? you make plans and life gets in the way.

    Fingers crossed you better soon and back at work.

    Bev x

  • You'll get there :) x

  • one thing this illness can never put down is your sense of humour, that can get us through the best of times, take care .xxx

  • Oh dear! Hope you get well soon and will actually get back to work. Pete had doxycycline for a while but they did not work that well for him. He is back on Zithromax again every other day. Good luck to you. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh dear KL what are we going to do with you?

  • shoot me Perry !!!! lol

  • All the best, hope you make it to work eventually.

    Libby x

  • Well, been thinking of alternative employment - one where i can take it easy, mainly resting, possibly laying down, where i can earn loads of money ........................................................ are you all thinking what i'm thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol xxxx

  • Is that the one where you can lie down and think of England??????????????? Only in my case it be Wales lol!

  • he he!!!!!

  • Yeah - a life model at art class?

  • tried that but the students complained saying not even picasso could paint all the wrinkles xx

  • well as an innocent this can only be a bed tester for ikea

  • Crazy golf - in a nudist camp! You'll drive the golfers barmy :-)

  • lol. Take care. x

  • You sound just like me - a fate tempter! I do hope you feel a bit brighter soon.

    Marie x

  • Hope you feel better soon, all these medications can take it out of us and our immune systems need a boost as winter cometh! There are lots of Blackberries in the hedgerows packed with vit C but not easy to pick and hold a brolly at the same time!! xxx

  • Sorry to hear that Babe, get well soon.


  • Be well soon krazy

  • All the comments really make me feel better cos I know I'm not alone with this, I once thought it was just me, and I totally agree in the face of all adversity and insecurity with this illness, we still manage humour, totally amazing xxx

    One day soon I hope we all find the cure we need and we would all be REAL party animals...... heres hoping xx

  • ? The whole things daft, I don't know why, You have to laugh, or else you cry...?

  • Well found n well said, brill, x

  • have you seen that advert with the grannies riding the scooters ( its a bingo one) ? my 5 yr old grandaughter wants to get me one of those scooters - says she wants a trailer on it so we can drive fast together xx lol

  • Your wish...

  • gotta get me one xxx

  • Join the q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gordon that is just what I've been looking for. Dad needs a wheelchair now and my mother is not well enough to push him let alone lift it in and out the car. I got to get me one of them. A good find hun, well done!


    or one of these with a lycra bodysuit and then i will look like the bloke on the train ad !!!!! lol

  • tell ya what tanyamarie - you and me, a scooter duel - what dya reckon - gordon can be the bookie !!!! lol :)

  • its meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • They are not the real Black Lace - just using the name. The original Black Lace were Alan Barton, who went to join Smokie and got killed on tour in Germany in 1995, and Colin Routh, who emigrated in the early 2000's.

  • You're on.....................but just to make one thing clear as there is no discrimination in any form.............against the less can have a head start lol. Which pier shall we use?????????

  • oi! stop trying to influence the betting !! lol

  • Seriously tho, me and mam n dad were talking earlier today and dad is finally gonna try one of the scooters in sainsburys next time they go shopping. So if you hear on the news of a mad man on a scooter running people over in a South Wales supermarket you'll know its my dad lol!

  • my kids keep telling me to try the ones they have in asda , then they remember what i,m like with a trolley and how many people leave with broken ankles - they get scared and quickly change their minds !!

    He He !! i got it well sussed you know !!

  • Hey, I never thought, it's a blimming good way to get someone back you don't like over their foot hee hee! You are giving me ideas now woman. You are corrupting me.I need a security guard, Gordonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • You've seen the new test for these scooters...?

    it's ever since this happened...

  • He He !! thats me alright !!! lol love it!! :)

    Just thinking i might get one and see if i could get my son to pimp it for me !!!

  • I nearly read that wrong - so wrong... LOL

  • Hi krazylady better counting your chickens than just throwing in the towel. What a tonic you are on a miserable wet Monday.

    Hope you're back to feeling better soon!

  • Reading that lot was the best way to lift depression I have found for sometime. Thanks all who contributed.

  • oh no!!! my son is planning to buy me a scooter - hope he is also paying for the flyers warning the town i will be on wheels !!!!

    let the fun ( and probably arrests) begin!!!!

    Hang on tho........JACKPOT - got a son whose a mechanic and can pimp my ride and a son whose a copper and can get me off the speeding tickets ............ ROCK ON I SAY !!!! lol

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