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My first Breathe Easy Group Meeting.

Some people from Sheffield University came and showed a computer/android based program called 'TeleHealth' (in the early stages of development and funded by clarke) designed to get people to set targets of exercise eg walk for 5 minutes, using an Android based application as a Pedometer to monitor and then down load to a Hub wirelessly or directly to a Computer charting the users progress.

*The Bud gradually blossoming into a flower as the level of activity increased/was achieved is very good.

Suggestions as to what they should include/adapt were encouraged and given.

Three people including me and also the lady (Health Care Professional) who founded the Group were there.

Terrible at remembering everyones names, you know who you are/were.


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Congrats, may you multiply and prosper :)


Great :)


That sounds really interesting hope you enjoyed it.

I hope you will make this a regular visit, and encourage others to go with you.



Don't know any other people with breathing problems to take along (yet)

Did get some Cake later from a good friend, after Chauffeuring her to and from an AGA Baking course.

1/ When I was first diagnosed and then continued to smoke I got lectured/nagged about damaging my Lungs even further, etc, etc.

2/Stopped smoking and then got the same because of all the Crisps I was eating.

3/Sweet consumption increased, now I am Fat as a result (apparently)

No matter how much I have altered I am still getting earache.

Or is it just me????????????????????????????????????????????????


woodshaper (the terminally bewildered)


Would love to try this myself. Is there anyone I can contact please?


Give the Helpline a ring they will have all the info.



Hi Woodshaper

I participate in Telehealth Telecare locally and as you say it is in its early stages yet and will take three years or more before a lot of the new innovations come into being.I am pleased you enjoyed your first Breathe Easy meeting and hopefully over a period of time you will have a lot of new friends. Richard Cornish


Hi Richard, from little Acorns as they say!

Dare I suggest you explore the possibilities of using Apple Computers/systems instead of Windows, watching crashing several times was also a first for me.

Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes



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