Head cold goes bad!!!

Last Saturday I came down with head cold, wife say's it's Man Flu.

Could not agree more, ears are on fire with my throat, nose and eyes are running, neck is killing me and what a stomping sore head.

Breathing is fine appart from this horrid dry cough which needs a good cough bottle. Chest is also fine (touch wood).

Been on pain killer all week and nothing has moved this, wife is comming down with the same thing now.

Been at work all week, thank god it's Friday.

It's man oldest boy's Birthday on Sunday (big 12) all going out for a meal, my Birthday Tuesday (big 44 O.M.G) shocking where the time goes.

Anyone got a magic potion on how to get rid of a horrid cold thing?

David 1968

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  • Honey and Lemon and also airwave gum really clears your head and a good curry sweat it out lol xxx

  • Honey and Lemon and also airwave gum really clears your head and a good curry sweat it out lol xxx

  • I am a great believer in vinegar, helps the throat and cuts through coughs, a drop of cider vinegar ( I slurp it straight from the bottle now ) in warm water and honey to sweeten, and sip it warm. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and a natural anti bacterial no side effects. I f yu can take garlic, a clove of garlic works wonders too. Because I have reactions to most drugs I have always gone down the herbal natural road and find it very helpful. x

  • If it wasn't so late I'd be down the local curry shop right now, as for the gum I havn't had a gum in nearly two years, I always hated chewing gum however I went on the nico gum when I was giving up and it fair scunnered me. Think I will get some Honey and Lemon sooooothers though.

    Thanks Airbags

    David 1968

  • I find - clear runny honey and fresh lemon add hot water helps. take care and hope your feeling better soon,

  • A bottle of whiskey - per night ? You'll not worry about the head cold so much :-)

  • Scottish whisky Gordon57 no substitute for traditional remedy with whiskey or bourbon

  • I was going to say a bottle of Talisker, but felt it would be lost on a lot of people - more so if I was to add ? "Speed bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing,..." ? :-)

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