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Massive PND does not pass through body, why?

I have a massive post nasal drip, and mucus drips in large amounts and sits at the bottom of my lungs/top of my stomach until I make myself gag to remove it which is gross, at least 2 to 4 times a day, I don,t know why I have this much mucus but can anyone tell me why it sticks at centre of my chest/top of stomach and does not pass through my body like food does , this I don,t understand. thanks

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Hi Carolg1.

Are you taking mucadine to help thin the mucus down? xxx


Yes I have been taking it for years, the mucodine carbocystine syrup, but for some reason the past 8/12 months, I appear to have developed some kind of blockage that it just all backs up and then until I vomit I can hardly breath, its awful and scary.

Thanks for taking the time to answer x


I have this post nasal drip too, a walnut size amount is formed about every 15 mins, all day, every day which I try to cough forward before it is swallowed.

mucadine causes me to feel unwell so I use a herbal "tea" of mullien & horehound which works good but slower. and inhale steam.

This mucus is less when I use a humidifier in my room, also hot wash our bedding couple times a week, also damp filter in my vac.

the biggest help is my neilmed nasal cleaner, a plastic bottle which squirts salt water (at right ph so it does not sting) up nose so you can spit it out through your mouth, if you see what I mean ??...that way loads more comes out, yuk ! carolg1 I agree with you, it's gross, not sure about your "blockage" but would it be a hiatus hernia maybe ?

I do not know how I ever got a date with my husband !!


Thanks so much for your tips I will try them, you would think by now something would be able to solve so so disabilitating and embarassing condition, it makes you so miserable, I feel the same as you. Thanks again x i,ll let you know about the blockage if I find anything x


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