housing benefit worry with the new rules or lack of them !

its unreal what is going on though the new Morecambe and Wise double act of Dave & Nick is an act that wants to see the sick struggle even more than we already do and for what? as there aint really a lot of savings to be had as there so small yet the misery for so many is easy to see.

wait till the new housing benefit rules come in and we all lose the money paid for an extra room have like myself who has a 2 bedroom yet because im single i will have to pay the extra off my £70 a week the government give me to live off............

its so unfair as we single/separated parents do need the extra room for our children so i think its like a tax on separated parents really.

this will only add more stress and anxiety to all us people who are sick as it is without more worry.

my depression is sky high as it is with everything that's going on with my benefits.

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  • I know Roger its this terrible government punishing the sick and the unemployed. I think they are hoping to kill us all off to save money.

    I am struggling to pay my utility bills now and have decided that for every % they go up I will have to reduce my usuage by that amount even if it means being cold and risking being ill. Its either that or try and reduce even further the amount I spend on food. But there is a limit. (I would eat my cat but im veggie).

    My council also told me that government has reduced the amount they give to councils for council tax and that they will be charging some tax to those on benefits. That will further cut down my money. We will all be scrounging in dustbins soon for food.

    Its certainly not helping my depression either. What a life hey.....?

    Bev x

  • it is utter trash how they think we can have a better quality of life under the rules they think we can manage under it really is.

    so ur a veggie how do you manage ur copd being a veggie?

    all the best



  • I do eat fish roger so technically I'm a 'pescatarian' :)

  • Hi, Due to the double acts" lack of compassion and medieaval ideas that all the not so well off can live and exist for nothing the new rules now being enforced are nothing more than what was around before Robin Hood. The poorest in society are now meant to live in squalid cramped conditions and pay exorbitant amounts proportionally for there acomodation. If Dick and Dom in number 10 had to pay for there acommodation propotionately they would almost contribute to the tax system nearly the equivalant for approx 15-20 of us on low income ....~Value . I don't know how they expect us to live but victimisation at its highest level seems to be the government way. THe new idea is that the council tax system is going to be localised and that local councils have had to cut there rebate for all and in Devon alone they are now going to enforce that not only do the poorest have to compromise there acommodation but also have to pay for the first 30% of council tax on top of this . Now if you have an spare room you also have to contribute to 14% of the rent on top.. With rents now standind at upto 80% of private rentable value . That means that on a house that costs £100.00 per week you have to pay £14.00 rent and then on top 30% of the council tax for that area as well this will leave a lot of people under the poverty level and the uk then having more disabled and children in poverty. This is why the Childrens society has for the first time in its history started a cmpaign to help children and families in the UK. Well done DICK AND DOM.

  • yes its so unfair my daughter is 12 so she is at an age when boys will soon replace her time with going to stay the weekend at dads lol..................

    it really has no really benefit to anyone this rule though.

    and many will say 14% aint a lot but it is when you dont have it.


  • Hi Roger, Yes it is unfair. But all the time people vote for that sort of reigeme things like this are bound to happen. Stay stong and just remember that your girl will prob want to stay with you whether or not you have 2 rooms. So dont let the swines get you down just rememberwe are all better than they are because we dont shit on anyone like they do. x

  • heheeh ur so right and you see it how it is like me ...




  • yes we sure do........

    hope everyone is ok !

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