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wooooo woooooo!! New Bike

wooooo woooooo!! New Bike

after a torrid time using and old exercise bike, which i might add had a masochistic saddle and after a couple of miles of frantic peddelling around my imaginery countryside, it would turn any self-respecting Gerrard into a Geraldine!!!

Seeing my broken aching body, entering the room with a strange wiggle, my wife agreed to me getting a new steed - i purchased a new bike from ebay and have now spent the last couple of nights building up my mileage. Im now on a minimum mileage of 10 miles per night. im feeling fitter, im hopefully losing weight but my lungs and the muscles in my back, burn a little bit.

So if your able 'Get On Your Bike' and feel the difference!

P.S my wiggle is getting better.


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Ha ha go go go :)

Well done Muckster, you've got more energy than me - go for it.

Could this be another gold medal for team GB when we get to Rio !!!

Take care

Auntymary xx

Glad to hear your wiggle is on the mend, but keep applying the cream to be on the safe side ;)

Ah elian, i don't think that a backside / cream and bicycle saddle are a good combination - try explaining that to the Doc's and nurse's in A&E !!!

Well done Wiggler!

Lynne x

OHHHHH i could crush a grape (_/_) x lol

Well done muckster.

Keep it up and hope easyier on your butt xxx

the pain is easing ty xx

You can go off people. I can't cycle 1 yard let alone 1 mile and theres nowt wrong with me!!!!! You put me to shame, you should be proud of yourself.

Keep it up!!

awwww xxxx

fab!! well done you :)

ty Mrs S, and how's you, are the courses going well ???

sorry haven't replied (sooo rude!!) I'm fighting a chest infection at the mo and this is the first time I've felt up to bloggin! the courses start nextw eek...they all written up so just crossing fingers I'll be well enough to teach them!! :-)

Hi Mrs S, hope this note finds you on the mend and feeling better. i know how you feel, im a training officer, so giving presentations is a nightmare, i sound like mickey mouse at the end lol.

Have you every using the narration, in powerpoint - that might help you out if your not feeling to good, or is that not suitable for your type of courses.

I might have a go at it and see if i can get it to work - what type of courses do you run?????

i teach textiles so mainly its hands on and one to one...I use powerpoint but as I teach adult ed I find the shorter the presentations the better!! this week is induction week which is very "talky" so don't know how that will go....still, before being diagnosed in feb I was also teaching least I don't need to do that nay more...i still have one dance class but we run it as a collective, I only go when I'm well enough and just teach and encourage from the sidelines...drives me nuts..I used to dance 12hrs a week!!

Hey I too got a bike in home,and pedal lots keep it in my bedroom so every time I go in, I jump on me bike and swwwwwwwwwishhhhhhhhh away I go, windows open radio turned up, its wonderful feeling!!!!!! then gulp gulp, haaaaa xxxxxx

That's my kinda girl you go for it bonny, at least 20 km a week xxx

Wow Muckster for Rio.Well done for your enthusiasm.Keep it up but dont overdo it.You are an inspiration and make me feel guilty that I am sat here at the computer

Hi Hector get one of the mini pedal exercisers then you can multi-task lol

Woohoo muckster !

Think I could do with one and give my bum a wiggle xxx

Ah we can be the Wiggle twins lol xxx

thanks Muckster, hard going at times, pedalling getting no where haaaa, but feel maybe its doing me good, off cigs now 5 months but miss them terribley, still can breathe again xxxx

Bonny put some music on, and pedal to the beat, makes it much easier, and time goes quicker, just don't try it to heavy rock music lol

The craving goes eventually - stopped 2yrs ago, but still get the odd craving especially when you someone smoking or lighting up on the telly lol, but well done you xxx

Heavy rock, oooooooops no way Muckster, I like Joe Dolan type and Declan Nerney so must put them on tomorrow and I will be flying, yes was hard sure miss old puff,but cant and must do as told,too expensive too,I was smoking 100 euro week, no richer,but I hope healther.

doctor who saved my life,told me smoke again and dont come back me, so he was goodlooking worth seeing again,haaaaa, take care xxx

thougt that read Joe Dolce for a minute lol, i take it these chaps are a bit like that other other irish crooner (god cant think of his name lol). Yeah its scary how much we spent on fags, but its sod'd law - now we have stopped we're to knackered to spend it lol.

TC xxx

your right to knackered now to spend it,but least we alive, I dont know where Im rated with COPD, see few here say mild or some have it bad, wonder would my GP know,or would I have see my doctor in clinic I have go him end Oct, have the test done again, hard puffing lol when no cigs ,puffing into tube,must go get cuppa xxx

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