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I can feel rain in the air !

Hi everyone,

I had my resumption to work meeting with HR today, how exciting you may ask !

I've just been told I have 2 weeks to find myself another role within the company, before they terminate my contract.

Are they for real, I mean who the hell is going to want a 51 year old with a bad back/Emphysema & Interstitial lung disease who has just had 16 months off sick !!!

On Monday I received the results for my medical with ATOS, kIcked off ESA - another disaster:

"Dear Sir, this letter is to inform you are fit for work, as you have have scored 0 points on your assesment. Please contact your employer"

I've also just been to the dentist & been told my appointment has been cancelled as the dentist has gone ironic is that ?

I'm just waiting to be struck by lightening now, and I'd have hit the jackpot !!!

Hows that for a crappy day ?

Gotta go I can hear thunder..................

Take care everyone

Dave xxx

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Hi Rose,

It's good to hear from you.

My breathing is okay at the moment thankyou.

I was just trying to spread a little sunshine on a cloudy day, and cheer people up.

The hearing thunder bit was a reference to me having to go & hide because I didn't want to get hit by lightning, as I wasn't having much luck today !

I realise this wasn't a very funny joke, so I'm a crap comedian as well !

Back to you, don't ever give up or feel like you're any kind failure - you are not, you're a fighter & I'm proud of you whatever.

I'm always sneaking off up the garden for a fag when no-ones looking, I'm not useless - I'm just not very good at giving up.

But I will keep trying, and with the support I get from everyone on this site(including you) I may just succeed one day.

We all feel like crap sometimes, but we've got to stick together.

I'm always here if you ever want to chat, I look at this site at least once a day.

Give yourself a break & take care of yourself.

Till next we speak

Dave xxx


So you had a fag, don't beat yourself up about it.

Just try to keep it to a minimum.

As you say - it didn't make you feel any better - sometimes you just need that release, which is exactly what happens to me.

I've had a fag today myself, & I don't care....I felt I needed it.

I also made a big bowl of veg chilli, just to cheer myself up & I don't care about that either.

Sod losing weight, so I snore - who cares, I can't hear it.

As I always say - a little of what you like won't do you any harm - we have to enjoy our lives as well.

You was right you know - I am a badun........& guess what ?

I don't care about that either. Bad through & through - thats me.

You can always message me if you want to talk about something & wish to keep it private.

As you're probably now aware, I've got a very thick skin & nothing anyone says can offend me. I can promise you I will not tell a soul.

I'm new to this site as well, I'm still finding my way round it myself - I am impressed though.

Everyone seems to be very genuine & appear to care about each others well being.

A little support seems to go a long way & long may it continue.

Take care

Dave xxx

Tell the one who told you that you have 2 weeks to find another role you'll take his job sounds like a real easy number he's got and the fit for work letter seems to be the way to go for the powers that be where this illness is concerned. I am just lucky that I'm retired as I honestly couldn't take the hassle, particularly when not feeling 100%

You'll need to maintain your great sense of humour to get through today and the days to come. Someone will come on with more practical advice.

Take care xx

So sorry to hear about all your problems. It cannot be right. Call someone, write to papers, get in touch with MP, ring BLF, try anything .... keep positive / chin up, Marilyn xx

Hi Dave,think i would wave your atos letter in your bosses face as fit to work and see what they say.Can OH help you as your boss has to be seen making reasonable changes for you ti stay in your job xxxx

Hi Mudshark

This sounds horrible - ring ACAS for confidential employment advice - 08457 47 47 47.

Best Wishes


Hi Mudshark,

I like the joke myself.......................

Anyway, wot a crap day like you said. Well it couldn't get any worse so how did the day end? And how was today? That can't be right about your job surely? Do what Jo said and ring ACAS. Let us know how you get on...................

Oh dear Mudshark it does sound like you are having bad time at moment. And I have never heard of an employer telling you to find your own job! That cant be right. I agree - ring ACAS. As far as I know an employer has to make reasonable adjustments to enable you to stay in your job! It's to do with Health and Safety and it's the law.

Keep your chin up - and you can always PM me too. Auntymary xx

I agree with hypercat - ring ACAS and ask their advise - that just sounds wrong! Hope things start to brighten up for you. TAD x

I thought I was having a bad time but your situation is far worse than mine.The advice given is the best.Just try to persevere.You are in the right and the law upholds that.Keep positive Dave and arm yourself with all the advice

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