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busy girl!

Well last night was "enrolment evening" at School and I'm glad to say I have a full house for my textiles class. It will be running for 11 weeks on Wednesday evenings...I expect Thursdays are going to be "tired days" from now on lol! I'm still a little concerned about how I'm going to cope, but I'll give it a go...the students I've enrolled seem nice and I hope they'll all turn up and work hard! Strange thing is...I've realsied I'll have to put my own disability on the "risk assessment"....that will be weird...and difficult to get the wording right..I've consulted the boss on that one!

Yesterday was "no:3" son's 12th birthday and today is Mum's (dont think she'd be happy if I told you how old she is). Because of working yesterday eve I'm doing a joint birthday tea tonight...they've requested fish curry and a coffee cake....the cake is nade and decorated and all is prepped for the curry...I'm looking forward to having everyone round the table!

I have to admit I'm tired today, but as ever I'm finding it difficult to sit down and rest....think I'll have to find some films to wach tomorrow so I'll be ok to go and watch the dance group's first rehearsal as a collective in the evening :-)

Hope everyone is breathing easy,

Mrs S xx

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Good all round get plenty of rest :)

Mrs Shimmy, I love reading your blogs always interesting and upbeat. You seem to have such a busy life, you must get exhausted.

Awaiting the next blog


Hi Mrs Shimmy,

You've worn me out just reading all that.

Enjoy your birthday tea, I just hope you haven't mixed up the ingredients for the cake & the curry - or there could be tears ahead !!!

Take care & please slow down - you're putting the rest of us to shame with all your hard work.

Auntymary xx

Hi Mrs Shimmy sounds like you having fun at the moment despite your tiredness.

Lots of Happy birthdays to your family - have a good time and relax. Bev xx

PS love fish curry and coffee cake - can I come please? :)

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