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Warm Home Discount Scheme

Morning all !

Well I rang British Gas a day or so ago to enquire about WHDS and as they needed a few details of income etc, they agreed to ring me back when it was convenient.

I have just been speaking to a very helpful young lady from Br Gas, who took all the neccessary information and although i am not in receipt of any benefits for my illness at the moment, I am still eligible for the payment, and it will be credited to my electricity account this winter. Really pleased as the little bit of extra money will take the pressure off worrying if i can afford to put my electric heaters on if we have another cold winter.

I had no idea this scheme was available until I read about it on here, so thank you, BLF, and may I encourage everyone else to check with your gas/electric providers as many more of us must be eligible for this too.

Take care everyone , xxxxxx

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This is excellent news - i am presuming you fall into the broader group due to not receiving any benefits. It is great that you have this money - takes some of the winter bill pressure off!

Best Wishes



Jo, I have you to thank for this, as i had no idea this scheme was available till i read your post on here. As you say, it will ease some of the worry about winter fuel bills, as all of us on fixed and limited incomes have to be so economical with our heating.

So many thanks to you and all the team at BLF, I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the help and understanding you give. xxx


Told you so


Hi Huffer so glad you were successful in your claim.

I know Jo put this on first but I didnt see it. I also blogged this and am now feeling totally ignored!!

Bev :)


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