My foot

My foot

This is why I have got see a cardiologist as AnE think my asthma is causing me heart

problems by my mucus lungs putting presure on my heart.

Im in a normal 7 shoe and foot and leg a normal size but blows up and feels burning and

breathing drops.Doc got my letter so when reads it should soon get a cardiology apt.

Not herd about lungs causing presure on heart before.will try upload a pic so you can see what i

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  • People with lung problems can get heart problems. I've had my heart checked but it is ok. Good luck.


  • when you have lung problems your heart has to work harder my feet and ankles are really swollen most of the time now so much so that none of my shoes fit me anymore my son bought me a pair of pumps from cosyfeet who make shoes especially for swollen feet but they are expensive !!

  • Do cardiology put you on tabs for it or exra asthma meds or water tabs ?

  • Well just had a phone call off my doctors sec to come and see him to d

    escus what AnE have said.They want me see cardiiologist etc so got chat to doc first about letter and wants see how I am.Got wait till Monday night now to see him so hosp apointment going be more days before refural goes off :-(

  • Hi Airbags

    I have heart and lung problems and have had a pacemaker installed.This has done me a world of good.Richard Cornish

  • Back in February my legs and feet were swollen was put on water tablets, they worked some but not enough, apparently if your lungs don't work efficiently the fluid can build up around your heart and lungs and effect your breathing and put a strain on your heart and make your breathing worse, I ended up in hospital for 5 days and came out with oxygen 15/24. My legs don't swell as much, I am still on water tablets, but my breathing is so much better, you can work round the hours on oxygen and still go out and about, in fact at the moment I am away in our little caravan. Hope this puts your mind at rest a bit.

  • Thank you guys for your support as its a bit scary thinking what might happen.

    Got see my doctor as wants talk about wha t AnE have said and see how I am then send refurel off. xxx

    so far i take. Easyhaler. Seritide.spiriva.slophyllin.Montelucast and steroids as needed.

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