Council Tax Reduction??????

My dad had a benefits advisor see him at home today. She told him, as he has his bed downstairs (unable to climb the stairs now) he is entitled to a refund of council tax. They lower the banding of the house. Never heard of this before, wondered how many of you have heard of it and thought it worth mentioning incase someone else may benefit.

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  • Also think you get a reduction if you use a room for equipment such as a concentrator Val

  • Have you got a reduction Val, you got a concentrator haven't you

  • No wouldn't get one concentrator is either in our bedroom or the hall have no empty bedroom spare room. x

  • My dad is downstairs now so i will definitely investigate this - every little helps! Thanks for the tip tanyamarie x

  • Hi Tanyamarie

    This sounds like Council Tax Reduction benefit for disabled benefit - the following link gives more information on this - it can also be backdated!

    Best Wishes


  • I wish I had known this last year.. I had to move downstairs last yr due to ill health and stair issues but have been forced back upstairs by my housing association but I'm more able to manage them now. Will look into this though..

  • Thanks guys, don't it make you mad though, there are benefits out there to help people but they won't tell you about them!

  • I have just been lowered one Band in Council Tax as I have had two small bedrooms knocked into one to enable me to get around the bed with the zimmer or rollator or space for another person to help me get in and out of bed on the rare occasions I need that. To achieve this I had to phone the Council for the appropriate form, fill it in and send it back. Then a Council Officer viewed the alterations and said he would let me know. I have also had the bath taken out and a double length shower put in as I can't get in and out of a bath and I needed space for a shower stool. He turned that down and he said it was a preference choice and not eligible. I am in the Monmouthshire County Council area - I know different councils take different views.

    If you are pensionable age you can get tremendous advice and help from Age Concern.

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