Asthma and snoring

My hubby thinks I should get help fore snoring as he say its

really loud and ou of control and keep him awake alot.

Ive never had a problem with it but as my asthma got worse he seems to have noticed im snoring really badly. Weve been married nearly 25 years and silver wedding next month but never had a problem before asthma.

Taking my reliever before bed does not stop it and not going sleep with a peg on my nose haha any help and tips welcome :-)

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  • Hi Airbags

    My husband would sympathise with yours, as I have Asthma too and snore badly. We do find that when my Asthma is really bad so is my snoring. My snoring as also gone hand in hand with weight gain :( Sadly haven't found any answers to the problem, other than when I am really bad I sleep on the sofa to give hubby a break from me. Some would say lose weight but mine is down to steriod use for 30 years.

    Hugs Daxie Mad

  • Thank you Daxiemad,

    Glad im not the only one that does.

    Told hubby its down to asthma and wil l try my best not keep him awake but

    think will get him earplugs and earmuffs for xmas haha lolxxx

  • I have bronchiectasis and used to snore. Taking montelukast as well as my inhalers really helps. It's now my husband who snores!


  • I have copd and snore really bad, that's probably why I live alone, no one can put up with me. :)

  • have you ever been tested for sleep apniea? My husband snored really bad and sometimes stopped breathing, he was tested and now has a c-pap machine, really good!!! My husbans suffers with copd,ihd,and has had lung cancer so doing really well concidering. take care hope you get it sorted.


  • My husband is the COPD sufferer and can he snore?!!! Sometimes I spend all night poking him in the back! And I have heard about the sleep apnea and that has to be my next step - though I have just bought some ear plugs and am trying those. Also he is much worse on his back and sometimes a dab of vicks helps! Good luck and hope it gets sorted! TAD xx

  • Thank you everyone.

    He slept like a log but I was awake all night as just couldnot

    settle down.ended up on my phone googling around on my phone xxx

  • Sorry to hear about your snoring - it's a very common problem, especually as we get older! There are some treatments for snoring that are available to buy, and also if it's really a problem, you can ask your GP for a referral to ENT for your snoring. However if your hubbie tells you that you also appear to stop breathing in your sleep, and you feel sleepy all day, these are signs of obstructive sleep apnoea. You can do our on-line sleepiness test ( to check how sleepy you are. If you are concerned you could have OSA, you can ask your GP to refer you to your local sleep clinic. You can also ring the BLF helpline for kore support. Good luck!

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