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carrying oxygen in cars

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Someone in my fitness instructor's other class has been told that they have to display a sign saying they are carrying oxygen in the car. It was a physio that they them this. Does anything know anything about this. I've seen it talked about before where it was stated that it wasnt necessary.

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Here's a link explaining about transporting cylinders:

NHS - Guidelines for transportation of Oxygen, a PDF document:

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The link to the nhs contains some good "common sense" tips when transporting oxygen. However the guidelines contained in the document are issued to NHS staff (Particularly in the Bath area). So any contact numbers are for NHS staff only.

The link to the Air Products site is more relevant to oxygen users - and in our experience is the approach the other providers will follow. The only difference is that some of the oxygen suppliers may not provide you with a car sticker to use.



Here's the link to the discussion in the old BLF forum:

Air Products advice:

But, the definitive info must be the British Compressed Gases Association, who have the following document for people carrying gases in the course of their work :

Hope that helps.

thank zooee and gordon. much appreciated.

i'm going to have a look later. thanks for answering. may

I don't use oxygen but I have a sticker in my car because I give lifts to a friend who is on it.

I have a mobility car so its ok as far as the insurance, but you must also inform you insurance company that you are carrying oxygen.


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Usually car insurers will ask you to display a sticker showing you are carrying oxygen.

If you can't get stickers from your supplier you can contact:

Active Mobility 01642 805050

Best Wishes


Hi Jo,

I am a COPD sufferer myself not on oxygen but I like to take My Breathe Easy friends out for a drive and they are on oxygen.I have a Motabillity car.How does this affect my insurance and do I require a sticker? Richard Cornish

thanks for the answers.


Hi mcevoystone,

My dad has oxygen and has the sticker displayed like stitch said. Plus he had to notify his car insurers. Plus he had to notify the local fire brigade that he keeps oxygen in the house. They have to come and do a home assessment too. Plus when you transport oxygen in the car it has to strapped down securely using the seatbelts. All the info comes with the pack you get from the oxygen supplier.

When I asked my oxygen supplier they said I didn't need to display a sticker. They said if I were involved in an accident and the fire brigade needed to be called they wouldn't assist straight away due to the sticker and the uncertainty of how much oxygen was in the car. They implied that it wasn't advisable. Looks like there is some conflicting advice!

not everyone's o2 supplier gives this info. thanks.

Hi jo ithink its because of fire and compressd gas cylinders hope this helps bob

Hi mcevoystone

I have used all 3 main 02 suppliers and only air products supply a car sticker with their comprehensive information pack. At the time of using the 02 I did not have a motorbility car and called my insurance company and they just made a note and thanked me for informing them. I also informed my home insurers and they made the same comments. 5 years down the line and am still waiting for the fire brigade to call round - although I have informed them there are 02 cylinders in the house.

Can't do much more can one????


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