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copd care?

i had my copd clinic today..... nure said well we still dont really know if its copd for sure ! as although they have the ct scan notes they dont have the lung function test results yet and its been near a year now.............i cant believe this

and the Warm Home Discount Scheme i wont get the £130 towards my bills as i dont fit in the right benefit group for it yet the british lung foundation say i must have a constant room temp - 21c in the living room and 18c in the bedroom.

i think its an oucry that the people who need all this help are not getting it at all because of rules that make it impossible to meet the needs to get it.

i had my Psychiatrist the day also she thinks a job would do me good and that i get a dog to get out more..........well i did try that but i took unwell due to the dog hair..........and that was months ago.

as for work wot employer will give me a job when there is a chance due to chest infections and wot ever else that i may well have lots of time off?

im far from happy with the health care that i have had so far and i feel im on my own really.......

id like others thoughts on this.

many thanks all.

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Honestly I think it is terrible that after nearly a year you don't seem to be getting anywhere near to a diagnosis. And in the meantime if you do have COPD you could be deteriorating instead of getting the treatment you need.

But, lets be positive and not negative. One step at a time and start off with the most important issue for you and work down a list of to dos. You cannot claim any benefits etc until you have your diagnosis so I would suggest to start there first. I would suggest (from personal experience) that you talk to your GP first and stress how you are feeling and want action. If you feel you cannot do this then a meeting with the Practice Manager is what I did. That set the wheels in motion for me so maybe it would work for you too.

I would also give the BLF a call in the morning for their advice. Maybe they can help you out.

I believe that once this gets sorted you will soon find some resolution and start to feel alot better. I hope you get there, even though it is obviously a worrying time for you.

Take care xx



yes i know wot ur saying its on my sick line ive copd.........and i was on incapacity benefit but Atos have said im fit for ive had my money stopped so ive had to appeal and thats a game and a half.......i just feel im getting no place fast with the doctors care im getting and im very unhappy.


Hi Roger

You really do need to see your GP or the Practice Manager to try and push things along. In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for waiting so many months for the result of a test as you have done. You are in an invidious position with Atos until you do have a diagnosis.

Two alternatives; 1) change your doctor 2) ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant as you do not say if you have seen one?

Neither do you mention any medication - are you taking anything yet or are they waiting for these results. Actually come to think of it if you had the tests last year then you are probably due for more now as ideally you should be seeing your team at least once a year to ensure everything is working for you.

Do let us know how you get on but usefully chat to the BLF helpline to get some guidance.

Good luck and my fingers are crossed for you



yes i was in hospital last year ocy 2011 and had all the tests done so im not sure why there has been such a carry on over it to be honest.


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