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pneumococcal vaccination


i wont get the pneumococcal vaccination due to funds so im only getting the flu jag yet the british lung foundation say people with copd need the 2 jags!

is there any others who have had problems with this and only get the one flu jag?

im in Scotland and im 43 male & "mild copd" so im really asking is this just a post code show for the 2 jags?

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I'm in central England too and my GP will be giving me flu and pneumonia jab. I am on their register.



hi Lynne and Rose...........

yes it seems its hit and miss then so far..............

lets hope others join in and we find out more



Im in Cumbria and had my pneumonia jab last year (is that what you are talking about?). Flu jab expected next month.


Hi im in the south west. I get the flu jab every year. I asked the dr about a pnumonia jab too - she said I wont get it unless im over a certain age or have had phumonia before! At my PR group the nurse said that was rubbish and I should be offered it.

Do I believe the dr or the nurse? :)

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I'm 42 and havenever had pneumonia. My consultant recommended I have the jab and that was it. Had it the same day as my flu one I think. Double excitement! ;-)


Believe the nurse, as soon as I was diagnosed (at 55) it was the first thing I was told about, I haven't had pneumonia before. I would be inclined to insist as that's the last thing any of us would want.

If you look at (which refers only to Scotland) you will see that your GP has discretion about whether or not to offer it if you are under 65. The relevant information is at "Who needs a pneumococcal vaccination?".



The flu jab changes each year to cover the predicted common flu bugs that around for that year. That's why you get the flu jab each year if you are in one of the "risk" groups.

With the pneumonia jab it is different - and it is further confused because the guidance has changes over the years. Generally the pnuemonia jab is the same each year as the bugs that cause pneumonia don't change and th jab covers the most common. In the past guidance used to be that you had the pneumonia jab once every 5 or 10 years. Now the guidance is that it is a once in a life time jab - and no evidence to show that having a pneumonia jab more often improves your chances of not getting pneumonia.

So that's why you may all have been told slightly different things by GP's, nurses etc about the pneumonia jab - but certainly if you have a respiratory condition you should be offered the pneumonia jab at least once.

Hope that helps


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I had my first pneumonia jab about 3/4 years ago and apparantely it does not always last. My concultant checked my immunity to pneumonia and it was low therefore I had to have another jab a few weeks ago to increase protection. I am on immune suppresant tablets.

I live in Scotland and i was advised to get both the flu and pneumonia jabs by my chest consultant.

We are in the South East and Pete has had his pneumonia jab (just once) some years ago. Due to have the flu jab on 13th October, yeah!! xx

I live in Nottingham and have my flu jab each year and I have had a once in a lifetime pneumonia jab. Richard Cornish

I was diagnosed in may and have had my pneumonia jab already.


thanks all ................

wow so many different outcomes so far...........

i think my doctors is just rubbish

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Hi Roger I was told by letter from my surgery to have this jab last year at the same time as my annual flu jab so it looks like in Scotland we go by the book as I was 65 then and told the pneumonia jab is a one off.

Hi I live in Scotland and I have had the flu jab every year and pneumococcal jab 2 years ago and still had pneumonia twice in the past 18 months hmmm . There again I am 69 maybe it's an age thing you might have to wait till you retire, what a thought eh.

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hi Jotty

mm bit strange you still got it twice ...

seems a mixed bag here really im glad i asked have you had a look through the people getting back on this?

i hope ur well now and all the best...

Jotty in reply to Hidden

No roger sorry I didn't get the pneumococcal twice I had the jab 2 years ago and was told it's every 10 years you get it . Feeling not too bad hope you are well and breathing easy.


ah i see now Jotty ............

every 10 years?...........that cant be right !

hope everyone is well though....

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