Help at last

Thank you all for all your answers it is so nice to realise people do care. Things came to a head yeserday and I called 999. He was taken in straight away and after what seemed like hours we were told he had severe pneumonia. It has been there for some time and no-one was able to diagnose this. It seems it only shows up on an Xray. And thats the big problem isn't it, when you have been diagnosed with COPD they put everything down to that. I'm now off to see him and will let you all know how we get on. Again many thanks

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Good to know things are getting sorted, keep us informed.

Glad they found it out for you and get some treatment gor it. Lol xxx

Sending prayers and best wishes your way xx

Hi Rosemay so sorry he has pnumonia but glad its finally been diagnosed. xx

Thank you so much for everyones good wishes. Had an awful day yesterday, he seemed as if he had lost the plot, talking in riddles using words I'd never heard and it seemed I'd lost him completely. But they explained to me that when the anit-biotics kicked in in might help. On my visit on the evening he had calmed down a bit. He is very quiet now and excepting everything which is all so sad. You never know whats round the corner and everyday seems to bring another problem. It's good that I can sit here quiet and know that there are good people around who listen and not just talk. I will let you know how he does. Thanks again.

You are both going through a bad time at the moment and I am sorry about that. I am sure that in a day or two you will notice a difference in him. Keep on being strong and look after yourself. x

Thinking of you both. lots of good wishes and hugs to you. x

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